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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.



As a century-old Taiwan brand, Tatung has a history of 55 years in electric cooker. LKKER SCM was entrusted by Tatung to develop an office workers-specific electric cooker that integrates multiple functions including porridge, soup, steamed seafood, stewed chicken and hot pot. The transparent lid design allows users to see the delicious food.

Solutions & Goal

The inside of the electric cooker is dissipated through the aluminum alloy, causing the switch temperature to be too high, the heat dissipation to be poor, the switch components to be thermally deformed, and bringing the user bad experience. In view of this, we added a heat-proof cover and designed the handle with transparent acrylic to reduce heat conduction while not affecting the function of the product.



Good home appliances survive the "fastness" of the times, the fast food and people's lives with quality. The definition of deliciousness is not to use too much technology and contents to cover up the taste of food and fundamentally change its nature, but to maximize the original taste of the food itself. Unlike other brands of cookers, Tatung electric cooker combines the traditional steamers and modern cooking techniques under which the outer pot is loaded with water and heated to evaporate to the temperature set by the temperature control before entering the heat preservation mode (the cooker will trip to heat preservation after the water in the outer pot boils away), making the food delicious, nutritious, but not greasy.


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