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RHWCH DC Charging Pile


For start-up customers, the first step in a market with increasingly homogeneity competition and limited budget is critical. It requires to achieve mass production in a short period of time to seize the market. The customer cooperated with LKKER SCM with the expectation to break through in product differentiation and user experience and build their own product identification.

The LKKER SCM team helped RHWCH develop a new generation of DC charging piles. After in-depth understanding understanding and analysis of the DC charging pile market, the LKKER SCM team reorganized the user's operating procedures and analyzed the target product to figure out product innovations and unique product identification. The team helped the customer occupy the market and take the first step from design direction definition to human-machine, structural innovation of heat dissipation, and to aesthetic design.

Solutions & Goal

1.Create product identification and operation experience unique to RHWCH DC charging piles. Rearranged the user's operation area so that the user can complete a series of operations such as swiping, touch input, pulling the charger, and placing the charger in the same horizontal direction.

2.Considered the details of multiple scenarios to increase product user experience. At night, the vertical indicator light strip uses diffuse light that is soft and represents a unique product identification, perfectly integrating function and experience.

3.Changed the traditional form of heat dissipation to make the product more holistic. The creative use of the bottom air inlet and the top air outlet design not only meets the need for heat dissipation but also the requirements for outdoor rain and dust-proof.

4.Changed the pull and plug of traditional chargers and added the design of the charger position, which greatly improved the user's operating experience.

5.Comprehensive considerations of costs, processes and production chain that allowed mass production in a short period of time and grabbed the market opportunity for customers.


The new generation of DC charging piles delivered by the LKKER SCM team to the customer guarantees the consistency of design and mass production and establishes good reputation for the customer while taking into account the functional experience and cost.

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