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Nestle Coffee Capsule Gift Box

FMCG Cost Problem - Before Nestle Coffee Capsule Gift Box Product Development

The biggest pain point in the fast-moving consumer goods industry in China is related to the cost of production. Baifuli has sought cooperation with us for our product design innovation and quality. Baifuli and LKKER SCM have jointly developed a Nestle coffee capsule gift box that embodies the modern industrialization process.

Nestle Coffee Capsule Gift Box Product Development From Design To Manufacturing By LKKER SCM 

During the Nestle coffee capsule gift box product development process, LKKER SCM conducted an in-depth analysis of the AIO process and proposed three production processes. The customers can choose from these processes through the production ideas of the supply chain and the original intention of excellent production. We illustrated with pictures and text for the three production processes respectively based on the customer's specific requirements for the ppt report.

1. We simulated three kinds of production models for the sticker of the flip part, which was in-mold injection, ultrasound, and in-film film.

2. We prepared a detailed ppt for each model.

Nestle Coffee Capsule Gift Box Successful Launch

The Nescafe capsule gift box made by the LKKER SCM team for Baifuli has been put on the market and is available online.

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LKKER SCM is a member company of LKKdesign Group, 100% owned by LKKdesign Group which is founded in 2004. LKKER SCM is a one-stop product development and customized supply chain solution provider. We offer services from product design to manufacturing covering industrial design, mechanical design, electronics engineering, rapid prototype, tooling, pilot production, and mass production. LKKER SCM has been recognized as Indiegogo Recommended Prototyping & Manufacturing Expert since 2019.

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