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Chaosi Outdoor Oximeter

Problems encountered by customers in this project:

In the past, due to the inherent industry characteristics of the medical product market, the medical products used in hospitals only need to meet the functions, and there are no special requirements for appearance. On the contrary, civilian medical devices are more particular about the shape and color of the product. When the traditional channel sales turn to the civilian retail market, the need for enterprises to improve the appearance of their products becomes more and more urgent. LKK design breaks the cold and intuitive feeling of traditional medical products, thus successfully opening the door to the civilian market through product upgrades.

Business and services provided by LKK:

LKK started with the analysis of the user population and found a group of people who "are not patients but need medical equipment": outdoor extreme sports enthusiasts. These groups of people need to monitor their physical conditions from time to time when exercising outdoors. In the past, the method of understanding one's physical state by experience was unscientific and accurate, and it was easy to cause harm to the body. LKK seizes the needs and pain points of such people to design a new product positioning.

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LKK design achievements and solutions:

Through the appearance design, guide the user to use the correct operation method. The semantics of product style convey a peaceful and intimate feeling and shorten the distance between the product and the user. This is a product for testing blood oxygen levels outdoors. It has strong outdoor characteristics, and the rich and varied rubber encapsulation design meets the outdoor anti-drop and waterproof requirements. The wristband design enhances the user's wearing comfort. The asymmetrical design in the shape highlights the side buttons and strengthens its control semantics; while the relative protrusion of the display part strengthens the initiative of interaction.


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