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Sibo intelligent driverless logistics vehicle

Market insight:

At present, the logistics industry is still in a labor-intensive industry. In recent years, the rising labor cost has caused the rising cost of the industry. Therefore, the unmanned logistics system is designed.
Optimization and upgrading:
Science and technology modeling, modular design, can be customized according to customer needs.
Market research
Through the analysis of the existing international unmanned logistics vehicles, combined with the design language of logistics vehicles, to create a new unmanned logistics vehicle design style;

Product strategy:

For a number of design scheme analysis, in the balance of product appearance, function, human-machine interaction, experience, actual production landing and other aspects, comprehensive consideration of advantages and disadvantages, and then targeted innovation;

User insight:

Through the investigation of user acceptance, combined with customer needs, to create a new intelligent vehicle that can automatically separate and replace cargo boxes.

Optimize the experience:

The introduction of touch screen operation, more intelligent user flow experience.


1. The new automated cargo handling box makes the driverless logistics vehicle more intelligent.
2. Adapt to different scenarios, automatic loading and unloading box.
3. Oversized cargo box is equipped to maximize practical space. Separate grid design, more secure.

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