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With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of health awareness, more and more people begin to pay attention to healthy eating. In order to help consumers better control the amount of food approved, Lee Kum Kee designed and developed a smart Bluetooth kitchen food scale. It is the product design concept, development process and product characteristics.

Design concept

The Design concept of LKK Design's smart Bluetooth kitchen food scale stems from a deep understanding of user needs. Through market research, we found that many users struggle to accurately grasp the weight and portion size of food during cooking. So they decided to develop a product to solve this problem.

Development process

Hardware design


The hardware design of smart Bluetooth kitchen food scale includes scale surface, sensor, circuit board, battery and other parts. The scale surface is made of stainless steel, which is not only beautiful and durable, but also easy to clean. The sensor uses a high-precision weighing sensor, which can accurately measure the weight of food. The circuit board is equipped with a Bluetooth module and battery, which can realize the Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone and transmit the weighing data to the mobile phone.

Software design

The software design of the smart Bluetooth kitchen food scale is its core part, which can convert the weighing data into grams and display it through the mobile phone APP. The APP also has a food nutrition analysis function, which can provide users with corresponding nutrition recommendations based on weighing data. In addition, the APP can also tailor healthy eating plans for users based on personal information such as height, weight and age.

Test and improvement

After the completion of product development, we carried out rigorous tests on it, including weighing accuracy, Bluetooth connection stability, battery life and other aspects. Based on the test results, we have made a number of improvements to the product to improve its performance and user experience.

Product characteristics

Accurate weighing: The use of high-precision weighing sensors, can accurately measure the weight of food.
Bluetooth connection: Connect to the mobile APP via Bluetooth to facilitate users to view weighing data and analyze food nutrition.
Health Management: Provide users with personalized healthy eating advice and plans based on their personal information and weight data.
Easy to operate: Smart Bluetooth kitchen food scale is simple and easy to use, suitable for users of different ages.
Durable material: Stainless steel scale surface, not only beautiful and durable, but also easy to clean.
Nutrition analysis: Provide food nutrition analysis function through mobile APP to help users better understand the nutritional composition of food.
Personalized customization: According to the user's height, weight, age and other personal information, tailor-made healthy eating plan.
Endurance: Built-in rechargeable battery, strong endurance, a single charge can meet the needs of long-term use.
Cloud synchronization: Support for cloud synchronization allows users to share weighing data and healthy eating plans across multiple devices.
Smart reminder: Through the mobile APP to remind users to eat on time, supplement nutrition and other key information, to help users develop healthy eating habits.

Sum up

The smart Bluetooth kitchen food scale developed by LKK Design for customers is a kitchen tool that integrates accurate weighing, Bluetooth connection, health management and convenient operation. The design concept stems from a deep understanding of user needs, and the development process focuses on hardware design and software development. The product not only helps users better control the amount of food they receive, but also provides them with personalized advice and plans for healthy eating, which is part of the kitchen countertop.

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