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Interaction Function Problem - Fravel Smart Suitcase Product Development Background

How to bring your pets during your traveling? Not allowed on the airplane? Not a pets-friendly hotel? Why do not we turn one of our belongings into a product with you everywhere? Fravel comes up with an idea to create a suitcase as cute as pets and is able to react to its owner. In the beginning, Fravel asked three different suppliers to achieve the interaction function, but all failed. They need a team with professional and practiced product development ability to accomplish this function and finish mass production, then they found us – LKKER SCM.

Fravel Smart Suitcase Product Development From Design To Manufacturing By LKKER SCM 

1. Controlling the motor rotation angle through debugging the hardware and software.

2. How can we make the suitcase’s ear and head move after touching it? A copper foil piece has been put inside of the suitcase to sense the changes of electricity to achieve the action of ear moving.

3. After over and over again selecting and debugs on various raw materials, LKKER SCM solved the problem that the suitcase internal lights do not have a clear and warm shining visual effect when looking at from outside.

Fravel Smart Suitcase Interaction Function Gain Market Success

Farvel suitcase is hot in the market of young girl with two ears, adorable colors and interactive function. The two ears will swing when you touch the suitcase, just giving you reaction like a pet. There is a heart light in the bottom of thesuitcase will glow when you using it.

Fravel Smart Suitcase Crowdfunding: Fravel: The World's Cutest Suitcase by Aili Jian — Kickstarter

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