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VVfly Anti-Snoring Device

Project Background

Snoring is a ubiquitous sleep phenomenon, and it is the enemy of health. Snoring causes repeated cessation of sleep apnea, causing severe hypoxia in the brain and blood. Therefore, in order to keep snorers away from the torture of snoring, the development of the anti-snoring device began.

Product Description

The product combines the suitability of material selection, the rationality of mechanical design, the mold design cost and processing convenience, which perfectly restores the product design and meets the functional requirements of the product.

Services We Provide

Product development, new product development project management, manufacturing feasibility assessment, mechanical design, supplier development and management, mold design and production, product testing and verification, quality management, supplier management, supply chain manufacturing

Project Highlights and Solutions

The function of the hardware prototype of VVFLY Anti-Snoring Device has been basically realized. The difficulty lies in how to ensure that the product meets the design based on ergonomics and aesthetics. It is more difficult to implement.
excellent solution - optimize product mechanical design.
In terms of product structure, the shell is divided into two parts, the purple part is super tough elastic hard glue to ensure the deformation of the product, and the blue part is soft parts to ensure the comfort of the product.

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