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HOYOTOP Business Projector


Although there are many projectors on the market, the customer learned that a dedicated projector for businessman is still a gap. The customer came to LKKER SCM with the expectation to develop a projector that matches the style of businessman and is easy to carry. In the end, HOYOTOP teamed up with LKKER SCM and delivered a business projector that can boot in three seconds and go in sleep mode with one key.

Conducted in-depth analysis of the characteristics of businessman and came up with an effective product design concept via product strategy. Located the biggest pain point of the product through research and analysis of the system; made the projector as compact and practical as possible with the existing hardware parts. Carried out the exterior style design, taking into account the projector's brand attributes, industry attributes, and later maintenance and adjustment.

Solutions & Goal

1.HOYOTOP Business Projector adopts soft minimalism to shape the exclusive products of businessman with simple modeling language;

2.In the 19th century, the famous American architect Louis Sullivan once said that "function is not only technology, but also the embodiment of emotions". Good design doesn't require the users to think about how to operate. The user-friendly simple keys let you appreciate minimalist design and extraordinary experience. The 90-degree rotatable lens mount can be used to shield the lens when not in use or as a stand when in use.

3.The boss key is enlarged and placed on the front of the product to solve the problem of efficient office work. It also allows the power-saving sleep mode with one key.


The business projector developed by LKKER SCM team for HOYOTOP has been put on the market and raised significant amount of funds in JD Equity Crowdfunding platform. The 90-degree rotatable support frame is an unconventional design point in the industry, and it is also well received by users.

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