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Beidou navigation satellite phone product development 

With the development and progress of human society, the development of communication technology has become an indispensable part of people's lives. Especially in outdoor special places, such as maritime patrols, the need for communication is more urgent. Therefore, Beidou navigation satellite phone products came into being.

Beidou navigation satellite phone product definition

Beidou navigation satellite phone product is a kind of communication equipment used in special places, mainly used in outdoor occasions such as maritime patrol. The product has a three-proof function, of which the waterproof rating is IP67, which can prevent water from flooding into the fuselage. In addition, the product also has Beidou satellite positioning function, which can locate the user's location in real time. At the same time, the product also supports voice communication and SMS communication, and users can communicate through the device.


Industrial Design and Mechanical Design

After product definition, industrial design and mechanical structure design are important steps in the development process. Designers need to consider special outdoor scenes such as maritime patrols according to the functional and appearance requirements of the product, and the product must have a three-proof function, including waterproof level IP67 is a relatively big test for industrial designers and mechanical structural engineers. Not only to design products that meet the needs of users, but also designers and engineers need to consider the mechanical structure of the product to ensure the reliability, durability and stability of the product.


Embedded Electronic Hardware Design and Embedded Software Design

After the completion of industrial design and mechanical design, embedded electronic hardware design and embedded software design are the next step in product development. Embedded electronic hardware design needs to design hardware circuits that meet product requirements according to product definition and mechanical structure design. Embedded software design requires the development of software functions that meet the needs of the product.

Design for manufacturing and prototyping

Design for manufacturing are important steps in the product development process. At this stage, designers need to consider the production and manufacturing process of the product. They need to design a product structure that meets the requirements of production and manufacturing, and carry out prototype fabrication and testing to ensure the function and stability of the product.

Supplier resource development and mold design and manufacturing

In the later stage of product development, Supplier resource development and mold design&manufacturing are essential steps. Designers need to develop supplier resources and design and manufacture molds to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

 Verification and certification and small batch productionto mass production

Finally, the products need to be verified and certified to ensure that the products meet the national standards and industry standards, and carry out small batch production and mass production. During the production process, strict quality control and testing are required to ensure the stability and reliability of the product. At the same time, the product also needs to be promoted through sales channels  

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