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1. Background
As people's attention to pet health continues to increase, the pet products market is also constantly developing and innovating. Dog harness as a new type of pet supplies, with its unique design and function, has been widely concerned and loved. Second, product design of dog harness

2.Demand analysis
Before developing the dog harness, we conducted in-depth research and analysis of pet products on the market. We found that there are some problems and shortcomings for dog leash and harness products, such as inappropriate size, uncomfortable wear, and inconvenient use. Therefore, we decided to design a new type of dog chest sleeve to meet the needs of the market.
Scheme design
After many studies and experiments, we finally determined the product design of the dog harness. The programme mainly includes the following features:
(1) Adjustable length: The dog harness uses a unique adjustable design, which can adjust the length according to the size and body type of the dog to ensure the suitability and safety of the lead rope.
(2) Comfortable material: We have chosen soft, durable and allergy-resistant materials to ensure that the dog is comfortable and will not be affected by any discomfort.
(3) Easy to wear: The dog harness uses a simple and understandable way to wear, even first-time users can easily get started.
Production technology
In the production process, we use advanced production processes and technologies to ensure product quality and performance. It mainly includes: precise length adjustment device, high quality material selection, fine stitching process, etc.

3.Product development of dog harness
After the product design is complete, we start prototyping. We selected the right materials and suppliers, carried out small batch production, and subjected the product to rigorous testing and evaluation.
User feedback
During the prototype testing phase, we invited some dog owners to try it out and collected their feedback. These feedbacks provide valuable reference for our product improvement.
Product optimization
According to the feedback of users, we have carried out a series of optimization and improvement of the product, including improving the comfort of the product and adding more adjustment functions.
Mass production
After prototype testing and product optimization, we started mass production. We have selected manufacturers with extensive experience and established close cooperation relationships to ensure product quality and delivery time.

4. Market prospects of dog harnesses
With the continuous improvement of people's attention to pet health and the continuous expansion of the pet supplies market, the market prospect of dog harness is very broad. This product has the following advantages:
Innovative design: The adjustable length design can meet the needs of different large and small dogs, which is very innovative.
High quality materials: The dog harness is made of high quality materials to ensure the quality and durability of the product.
Convenient way to wear: The way to wear the dog harness is simple and easy to learn, convenient for the owner to use.
Safety: The adjustable length design can prevent the dog from being pressured or restricted by the leash, ensuring the safety of the dog.
Market demand: Many dog owners want a convenient, comfortable and safe leash product to take care of their pets. Therefore, the market demand for dog harnesses is very large.

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