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Project Background:

Muscle soreness and joint stiffness are inevitable after remaining in the same posture for a long time or repeated actions, one may get hand cramps after using the mouse for a long time. If we want to design a true comfortable mouse in the market, we have to create a mouse with different using ways rather than focus on the shape of mouse only.

Highlights and Solutions of Project:

1. Project management team found out the sense of damping of thumb wheel is not strong enough. How to strengthen the sense of damping while to achieve the feasibility of mass production? We decided to add another special leather between thumb wheel and slider for enhancing users experience.

2. Air mouse with foldable function that cause the flexible winding which connects the PCBA in two sides of mouse is easy to broke. How to solve this problem? We have changed the material of flexible winding from FDC into customized FPC for increasing the service life of air mouse.

Project Information:

Air Mouse - a foldable multi-functional controller integrating mouse and wireless presenter with laser pointer. Users can switch to the air operation mode by folding. The product is preferable for business travelers, comes with various functions like inductive touch roller, electronic pointer PPT flip pen, plug-in hard disk, mobile phone USB, lithium battery charging and other optional features.


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