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IoT Smart Waste Sorting And Recycling Box

Solving Problems For Waste Sorting And Recycling Industry

Waste sorting and recycling have been outstanding issues for cities. Shopping malls, schools, offices, and even industrial parks all have a need for waste sorting and recycling. In addition, YiBei IoT is founded to solve problems. 

ioT Smart Waste Sorting And Recycling Box Project Story

In the industrial design stage, LKK designers put forward an intelligent and technological design direction according to the previous strategy and customer needs. The interactive lighting effect is specially designed: when the user scans the code to enter, the ambient light will light up; when there is water in the waste water bottle delivered by the user, the delivery port will light up with lights of different colors to remind the user. In addition, the design adopts modular design, sorting the waste into multiple categories modules including garments, plastic, metals, papers, etc. Subject to the sorting and recycling scenarios, IoT Smart Waste Sorting And Recycling Box can be customized to meet the need. 

LKKERSCM completes the product development and production supply chain from mechanical design and mass production services. In 45 days, LKKER SCM completed the mechanical design, electronics engineering, hardware, and software integration, and produced 30 pcs samples of IoT smart waste recycling box. 

IoT Smart Waste Recycling Box Value

IoT smart waste recycling box realizes intelligent sorting and recycling of daily waste through advanced digital technologies such as the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. 

LKKER SCM together with YiBei IoT showcased the IoT smart waste recycling box at The Computing Conference 2018, Canton Tower IDG Science And Technology Conference 2018, and World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit 2018. Longfor (property development group), Auchan (France Retail Group) and Fresh Hema (Under Alibaba Retail Group) also expressed interest in ordering the IoT smart waste recycling box. 

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