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Lung Shield medical extracorporeal membrane oxygenation system

Market Insights:

Project Background:

ECMO, that is, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, also known as "artificial lung", is mainly used to draw venous blood out of the body, excrete carbon dioxide in the blood through oxygenator oxygenation, and pump it back into the human body to maintain normal cardiopulmonary function of patients. Although it does not play a therapeutic role, it can buy more time for medical staff. However, the number of domestic ECMO is small, and it has been monopolized by foreign medical groups for a long time, not only the cost of equipment is high, but also the cost of start-up consumables is very expensive. And all these high consumption has changed after the advent of domestic ECMO.

Innovative Value:

The ECMO system developed by Rococo Shield Medical has recently successfully completed the registration of animal tests, further verifying its safety and efficacy, and promoting the ECMO system of Lung Shield Medical into a new stage of development. At the same time, Lung Shield Medical's laminated membrane oxygenator achieved 16 days of good operation, a major breakthrough compared to the industry's best 14 days, providing a more reliable solution for long-term cardiopulmonary circulation support.

Design strategy

Laminated membrane design:

Due to the high replacement cost of the oxygenator and the problems of leakage and infection that may occur during the replacement process, the clinical use cycle of the oxygenator is also put forward higher requirements. The gas exchange membrane of the traditional membrane oxygenator adopts a winding method similar to web paper, which has long blood flow path, high transmembrane pressure difference, and is easier to form thrombosis between membranes, which is more suitable for short-term extracorporeal circulation of traditional extracardiac surgery, and the first laminated membrane oxygenator in China to adopt a longitudinal and horizontal overlapping design, shorter blood flow path, larger cross-section, more uniform blood distribution, and lower transmembrane pressure difference, which greatly prolongs the clinical use time, and is relatively more suitable for long-acting extracorporeal circulation.

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