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HANSU EV Charger


How to charge is the biggest problem for owners of new energy vehicles. The popularity and development of the new energy market stimulates the growth of EV charger equipment. It is the expectation of every new energy technology company to develop a safe and efficient EV charger. The available products on the market are mostly similar, the holding experience is poor and the protective casing is easy to lose; the customer was eager to develop a product that is innovative, professional and safe, and can match the identification of the company itself. With such needs, the customer came to LKKER SCM.

The LKKER SCM team conducted in-depth analysis of the customer needs, solved the human-machine problem and drew design conclusion by taking into account the usage scenarios and target group. The team then analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of competing products from the user's point of view and delivered a product design with meanings, making it stand out from the existing products in the market and shape a product with enterprise characteristics.

Solutions & Goal

1.The referential elephant trunk modeling balanced the problem of uncomfortable holding;

2.Inspired by the elephant trunk, it is not only beautiful but also ergonomic;

3.Use the elasticity of rubber to solve the problem that the protective casing is easy to lose.


Relying on its professional core technology and reliable materials, LKKER SCM has delivered a safe and durable EV charger for HANSU, which allows more convenient and faster charging and contributes to the promotion and development of new energy.

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