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Intelligent medicine box production and development

Project Background:

In this highly automated and high-speed society, smart medicine boxes have replaced ordinary medicine boxes and entered our lives. They take on the responsibility of guardians: many elderly people who need to take medicine for a long time often miss their doses without their children and take less medicine. , even forgetting to take medicine, resulting in worsening physical health, and children can not be informed in time.

User needs:

The R&D Department of LKK has jointly designed and produced two products, the smart medicine box, and the portable medicine box, and is committed to building a data-based chronic disease management platform, allowing "family doctors" to serve every patient in every family.

Appearance upgrade:

The main body of the smart medicine box is a four-compartment medicine box equipped with a 7-inch high-definition display screen. The overall appearance is as simple and elegant as Nordic-style furniture.

Optimized experience:

The four wood-grain feet at the bottom can be well integrated into the modern home environment so that users will not have a sense of resistance when using it, which greatly improves the user experience.

Our Solution:

1. The smart medicine box is equipped with 4 grids for placing medicines, respectively placing the medicines in the morning, noon, early evening, and late evening. When the set time is reached, the corresponding grids will automatically pop open, accompanied by a voice reminder function.
2. The user's medication information can be synchronized to the mobile APP in real-time, and the medication plan can also be synchronized from the APP or the cloud to the smart medicine box, which is convenient for children to monitor the elderly's medication status and can be used with a small portable medicine box.

We provide one-stop product development services, including industrial design, mechanical design, Electronic Design(Hardware), firmware design, rapid prototyping,small batch production,DFM,Mold design and manufacturing, Validation&Certification,  mass production, etc

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