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Onecup Smart Capsule Coffee Maker

Onecup Smart Capsule Coffee Maker

Household Smart Drinks Beverage Automatic Machine Product Design Background

With the coming of the intelligent era of the smart drinks beverage machine, the emergence of the multi-purpose smart drinks beverage machine product design indicates that product diversity, usability, and fun are also in urgent need of improvement. Through in-depth cooperation with the LKKER SCM team, the customer hopes to develop a more attractive, more user-friendly, and more diverse product based on existing products to meet the diverse hot drinks needs with simple and efficient operation.

Based on the problems faced by the Onecup smart drinks beverage machine and customer demands, the LKKER SCM team conducted product data analysis through online user research and offline user interviews and selected the perfect product design direction for program refinement. While ensuring the differentiation between the product and similar products on the market, the team improved the appearance of the product user experience to make the product more interesting and enhance the selling points, thus highlighting the brand's innovation and market influence.

Onecup Smart Drinks Beverage Machine Product Design Solutions & Goal

The LKKER SCM team broke the original image of the Onecup Minions series and adjusted locally the product and CMF design with the core design concept of "fun superiority" and "technical art aesthetics". The combination of retro and modern elements gives the product different emotional colors. The team delivered a new product that is both interesting and high-quality without die sinking to promote the cognition and recognition of consumer groups at all levels.

Onecup Smart Drinks Beverage Machine Product Design Achievements

The LKKER SCM team successfully delivered a series of emotion-orientated products for Onecup. Through design iteration, the Onecup smart drinks beverage machine design is differentiated from similar products on the market. It perfectly fits the two scenarios - home and office - with rigid demand for hot drinks and marks a new fun era with intelligent machines, diversified drinks, and personalized operation. Onecup is not only a seller of smart drinks but also an advocate of a new lifestyle.


LKK Design is an industrial design expert in the kitchen & tableware home appliance design industry. 

Since its establishment 18 years ago, LKK Design Group has adhered to the user experience as the core and is committed to providing customers with overall innovative solutions in the industry. Guided by the iterative update of the market and technology, its business has penetrated into intelligent robots, consumer retail, transportation, medical, and health care, cultural creativity, public infrastructure, and other fields. And it is committed to providing enterprises with one-stop innovative services, including product strategy and research, industrial design, mechanical design, brand design, cultural and creative design, interaction design, service design, product development, and supply chain management (known as LKKER SCM).

In 2013, LKK Design was selected as the first batch of "Industrial Design Centers" recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Serving more than 100 of the world's top 500 companies and more than 200 of the domestic top 500 companies, successfully developing more than 1,000 products for customers, taking "customer achievement" as the highest value, and committed to becoming an explorer and practitioner of the future trend of the design industry.


LKKER SCM is a member company of LKKdesign Group, 100% owned by LKKdesign Group which is founded in 2004. LKKER SCM is a one-stop product development and customized supply chain solution provider. We offer services from product design to manufacturing covering industrial design, mechanical design, electronics engineering, rapid prototype, tooling, pilot production, and mass production. LKKER SCM has been recognized as Indiegogo Recommended Prototyping & Manufacturing Expert since 2019.

LKKER SCM partners with you to develop your product and get it to market quickly, efficiently, and economically. We have the product design expertise, engineering knowledge, and manufacturing know-how to tailor solutions that work for you and your product.

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