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Project insight:

Energy storage is an industry closely related to clean energy. Due to the unstable output of clean energy, energy storage mainly plays the role of carrying and storing energy to ensure and regulate the sustainable and stable output of energy. Under the inevitable trend of new energy replacing traditional energy, the policy boost of energy storage and new energy power generation system also ushered in a new round of accelerated development of its market.

User requirements:

As an energy storage power brand focused on the European and American markets, Votai Energy is a domestic power storage device that arises at the historic moment in the face of high electricity prices in foreign countries. In the investigation of different household scenarios, LKK Rococo designed module storage systems with different capacities. Users can choose capacity modules according to their own household power consumption. Like stacking Tetris, it is extremely convenient to disassemble, assemble or expand battery modules, while reducing the labor cost of transportation disassembly and assembly and greatly improving work efficiency.

Product strategy

AlphaESS's Energy S5 series can not only rely on solar storage during the day to supply electricity to the home, but also at night to sell the unused electricity to the local grid for rice subsidies.While ensuring environmental protection and reducing the burden of power costs, this series of operations can be remotely scheduled by APP for network monitoring and management.

Optimize the experience

AlphaESS's new generation of "Smile 5" breaks the traditional stiff design and appears a modern and simple style, using more home style. It is so smart that it not only provides electricity for home consumption, but also monitors and controls the system through applications.

Product highlights

1. For some occasional emergencies, such as power failure, the integrated UPS of this system ensures the normal operation and continuous power supply of household consumption.

2. It makes 24-hour uninterruptible power supply truly meaningful and provides ready availability of clean energy to promote a low-carbon sustainable lifestyle.

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