For over 20 years, LKK Design has been helping clients set up and manage reliable international supply chains. More than two decades of Chinese supply chain experience have taught us how to incorporate resiliency into our customers supply chain networks, minimizing the risk of disruptions. LKK‘s on site teams help to mitigate supply chain risks, working to protect our customers supply chains that often begin far from their home countries. By establishing reliable supply chain management services overseas, LKK can offer its customers cost-effective, high quality supply chain management services.

Our supply chain services include:

Supply Chain Design & Optimization

• Supply Chain Design & Optimization
• Production Analysis
• Supplier Sourcing, Qualification, Quote & Negotiation
• Risk Management & Second Sourcing
• Tier 1 & 2 Suppliers Cost Optimization
• Logistics, Warehousing & Releases

China Sourcing Support

  • Supply chain design consulting
  • Product manufacturing requirement analysis
  • CAD design, DFM and onsite engineering support
  • DFC and cost analysis
  • Supplier Identification and sourcing support
  • Travel and supplier visit services

For over 19 years, LKK has been helping clients set up and manage reliable Chinese supply chains. From our years of experience, we understand how to incorporate resiliency into supply chain networks, minimizing the risks of disruptions. Our on site teams helps to prevent and rescue from risky supply chain situations, fighting against uncertainties far from the client’s home. By establishing reliable supply chain management overseas, LKK offers customers the fastest, lowest cost, and best quality products.

Developing and maintaining a global sourcing and manufacturing supply chain has become a standard for any company serious about growing and reducing costs. With overseas manufacturing delivering reductions as much as 50% in production costs, the advantages to U.S. companies are enormous.

However, low cost can often directly relate to high risks such as inefficiency, communication problems, and technical difficulties. Increased demand from the West has led to unchecked growth in China’s manufacturing sector in recent years. U.S. companies must navigate through thousands of potential partners to find the right fit, and do it quickly without losing precious concept-to-market time. If that sounds daunting, LKK can help simplify the process for you.

Benefits of China Sourcing with LKK

Through the exclusive LKK supplier network, your company instantly connects to suitable specialty factories, which are pre-qualified through our stringent sourcing procedures. This means that you select only from proven performers, and those suppliers with the ideal experience, engineering organization, quality control systems, equipment, and capacity for the job.

You’ll see the difference in:

  • Cost
  • Speed of response
  • Precision
  • Consistency
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability
  • Business continuity.