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Second Generation of Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Robots Product Development After First-Generation Success
After the success of the first generation of Carrobot, Le Jia Tech improved its hard and soft head-up display devices. Therefore, the launch of the second generation smart car product is ready. However, how to implement and optimize the integration of hardware and software? How to break through the appearance design of the first generation to significantly improve the product shape. How to position the market more accurately? Who is to be entrusted with the design work? How to deliver the product? How to make a success of the crowdfunding? Le Jia Tech came to LKKER SCM.

Carrobot - Second Generation of Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Robots Product Development From Design To Manufacturing By LKKER SCM 

With the design requirements of Le Jia Tech, LKKER SCM team established a meticulous design strategy and stayed connected with Le Jia Tech for the appearance design. With design and research going hand in hand, the team accurately implement the design form sketches and followed up with the hardware integration. After repeated feedbacks, modifications, and adjustments, the team successfully delivered a new generation of Carrobot. The product has integrated software and hardware and a rounded and exquisite shape.

Highlight Features of The Finished Carrobot - Second Generation of Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Robots

1. LKKER SCM was entrusted by Le Jia to comprehensively upgrade the appearance design of the next-generation of Carrobot intelligent robot products (car head-up display). LKKER SCM conducted researches on the existing car smart terminal market and the first generation of customer products. We integrated design appeals into design elements and concepts. The continuation and enhancement of the existing product PI make the product more recognizable on the market and family-orientated.

2. The appearance design was closely aligned with the software and hardware and the use environment; LKKER SCM team took up the challenge with the most demanding design requirements. Also, paid close attention to the use environment. In order to continuously optimize the internal structural design and deliver the product as compact and exquisite as possible, the team went over the smallest details. Our designers experienced the use environment by themselves to conduct experienced design experience research and perfectly integrate the design and use environment before delivering the high-tech and eyecatching product.

3. The perfect implementation of innovative technology - the perfect combination of appearance and structure. Built-in functions such as interactive voice, head-up display, navigation and intelligent companion reminder pose great challenges to the heat dissipation and space layout. By optimizing the internal structure, the design team considered each curve. After more than ten optimizations and improvements, we solved a series of barriers to function implementation such as heat dissipation, huge size and line-of-sight limitation.

Carrobot - Second Generation of Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Robots Gain High Recognition In Car Intelligent Robot Market

After the success of the first generation of products, Le Jia Tech came to LKKER SCM to launch a new generation of intelligent vehicle-mounted robots to help them secure their market standing and demonstrate their advantages in intelligent technology. Relying on the resources integration of LKKER SCM, the team cooperated with Le Jia Tech to optimize and upgrade the software and hardware of Carrobot intelligent vehicle robots and came up with a rounded appearance design with high-tech and car elements, distinguishing it from the intelligent vehicle-mounted products and giving it high recognition to lead the car intelligent robot market. It has demonstrated a strong advantage over similar products in the crowdfunding stage. Le Jia Carrobot transforms your car into a smart one regardless of the models you have.

 The second generation of Le Jia Carrobot head-up display has attracted much attention at the Imagination Conference. The participator experienced the future technology through simulation.

Carrobot - Second Generation of Intelligent Vehicle-mounted Robots Crowdfunding Details: Carrobot: The World's Most Powerful Car Display | Indiegogo

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