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Coantec Industrial Endoscope

Widely Used In Modern Core Industry - Coantec Industrial Endoscope Product Development Background

Industrial endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation of high temperatures, toxic, nuclear radiation areas. It can even be used in places invisible to the human eye. They are mainly used in automobiles, aero engines, pipelines, and mechanical parts. It can conduct non-destructive testing without disassembly or destruction of the assembly or stopping the operation of the equipment. They are widely used in various sectors of modern core industries, such as aviation, automobiles, ships, electrical, chemical, electric power, gas, atomic energy, and civil engineering.

Industrial endoscopes can also be coupled to cameras, video cameras, or electronic computers to compose photographic, shooting, and image processing systems for monitoring, recording, storing, and image analysis of target objects.

Coantec Industrial Endoscope Product Design By LKKER SCM

1.Simplified the process and reduce costs as much as possible in the design structure. The internal skeleton design, the main screen, and the mainboard are modularly combined for easy assembly, disassembly, and maintenance.

2.After the appearance design is approved, the customer requested to change from the initial prototype small batch production to die sinking production, resulting in redesign of the structure. Through in-depth communication, the design team adjusted the direction in time to keep the project going.

Leverage Expertise In Complex Product Development

Industrial endoscopes are a relatively complex product with many component factors to be considered. Factors include the aesthetics of the appearance, man-machine operation functions, the variability of the product use environment, the outdoor environment, and the harsh environment in the plant room.  We analyzed the characteristics, difficulties, and key points of the product. From the aspects of function, modularization, assembly, maintenance, and use environment. our analysis helps the customer break through the challenges in processing, installation, use and maintenance. The product was highly praised by the customer.

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