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 Brings convenience and safety to hot desert car sunshade

The climate of the Middle East is mainly tropical desert climate, drought, low rainfall, high temperature. Due to geographical and climatic characteristics, car owners in the region have a very large demand for car shading. In this context, our customer FAY wanted to work with us to develop a smart car sunshade to meet the needs of the local market.

2. Design concept
Our design concept is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Customer first: We always put the needs of users in the first place, in order to meet the needs of users as our goal.
Innovation-driven: We firmly believe that only continuous innovation can provide better products and services.
Quality-oriented: We focus on the quality of our products and are committed to providing durable and reliable products.
Humanized design: We pursue the ease of use and humanized design of products, so that users feel comfortable and convenient in the use process.


3, Development process

Hardware design

We used advanced sensing technology and high-quality raw materials to design and manufacture this smart car sunshade. Specifically, we use the following hardware:
(1) Sensors: including car sensors, human sensors, wind sensors and light sensors, etc., for sensing the environment and the state of the vehicle.
(2) Motor: used to drive the opening and closing action of the shed.
(3) Control panel: used to control the opening and closing of the shed and the operation of the sensor.
(4) Battery: rechargeable battery, used to provide power for the product.
(5) Protection device: including dust, water, UV and other functions of the parts to protect the shell and internal parts of the product.

Software design

In terms of software design, we have developed an intelligent control system to control the opening and closing of the carport and the operation of the sensor. Specifically, the product has the following functional features:
(1) Car sensing: sensing the stopping state of the vehicle through the sensor, automatically controlling the opening and closing of the shed.
(2) Safety protection: through the human body sensor to sense the surrounding environment, when someone or object near the shed, it will automatically stop working and turn on the red warning light.
(3) Wind sensing: through the wind sensor to sense the size of the wind, when the wind reaches a certain level, it will automatically close the shed.
(4) Light induction: through the light sensor to sense the intensity of sunlight, when the sunlight is strong, it will automatically open the shed; When the sunlight decreases, the shed is automatically closed.
(5) Battery management: Through the intelligent charge management system, the battery is protected and managed to extend the battery life.
(6) Fault diagnosis: Through the self-diagnosis program, the product fault diagnosis and prompt, convenient for users to troubleshoot problems.

Test and improvement

In order to ensure the quality and performance of our products, we have carried out many tests and improvements during the development process. Specifically, we conducted the following tests:
(1) Functional test: test the functions of the product to ensure that the functions work normally.
(2) Environmental testing: testing the adaptability and stability of products under different environmental conditions.
(3) Durability test: long-term use and wear test of the product to check the durability of the product.
(4) Safety testing: test and evaluate the safety performance of the product to ensure that the product will not cause harm to users during use.
(5) User feedback: Collect user feedback, improve and optimize the product.


4. Customer feedback

FAY is very pleased with our smart car shade. He said: "This product really addresses our automotive sunshade needs in the Middle East. Its intelligent sensing function is very practical, so that we can protect our vehicles in hot weather. It is also easy to install and reliable, so we feel very relaxed during the installation and use process."

5. Summary

This smart car shade has brought great convenience and safety to owners in the Middle East. Its automatic sensing safety protection, rechargeable battery, wind sensing, light sensing, easy to install, reliable and durable features have made it widely welcomed in the market. We believe that as more owners in more regions realize the advantages of this product, it will be more widely used globally Application of

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