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Project background

With the rapid development of science and technology and the acceleration of urbanization, the available land area is becoming less and less, and the abuse of pesticides, fertilizers and hormones is becoming more and more serious. In this context, the emergence of family planter provides users with a new planting experience, so that urban users can enjoy the fun of planting at home, while tasting their own green food.

Home vegetable planter

Design strategy

Through automatic control technology, the home vegetable planter precisely regulates the lighting, nutrition, air, temperature and other environment required by the plant to create the best growth conditions for the plant. In order to optimize the user experience, the product design process has taken into account the growth needs of different kinds of vegetables, and provides users with as many kinds of planting experience as possible through reasonable plant spacing and height design.


Vegetable planter project development

In order to meet the market demand and user needs, the development of the vegetable planter project not only opens the market for customers, but also brings a pleasant life experience for users' urban life. Subsequent customers and Rococo joint to create hydroponics, soil culture two models of vegetable planting machine, to meet more planting needs.

Ultraviolet sterilization technique

Uv sterilization technology is turned on during the water cycle and synchronizes with the water cycle. In order to meet the nutritional needs of different kinds of vegetables, it is controlled by two waterways: one to supply leaf vegetables, and one to supply fruit and vegetables (nutrient solution formulations are different). The spraying mode is divided into two modes, spring and winter and summer and autumn, and irrigation is started or stopped according to the soil moisture below 60% or 80%.

Product advantage

With its intelligent and automatic characteristics, the home vegetable planting machine allows users to enjoy the fun of planting easily, while ensuring the concept of green, health and environmental protection. It not only provides a diversified planting experience, but also guarantees the healthy growth of vegetables through ultraviolet sterilization technology. In addition, the home

vegetable planter also has the following advantages:

Space saving: The compact design and small footprint of the home vegetable planter can be easily placed in the limited home space.
Energy saving and environmental protection: The home vegetable planter uses energy-saving LED lights and low-power pumps and other equipment, which reduces energy consumption and conforms to the concept of environmental protection.
Intelligent control: The home vegetable planter is equipped with an intelligent control system, which can be remotely controlled by the user through the mobile phone APP or touch screen, which is convenient and practical.
Multifunctional use: Home vegetable planter can not only grow vegetables, but also plant flowers, herbs and other plants, with a wide range of application scenarios.

Market prospect

As people's attention to health and environmental protection continues to increase, the market demand for home vegetable planters is also growing. In the next few years, the family vegetable planting machine is expected to become a new hot spot in the household goods market. At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology and the continuous upgrading of products, the application range of home vegetable planter will be more and more extensive, such as for agricultural scientific research, vegetable preservation, garden landscape and other fields. Therefore, the market prospects of family vegetable planters are very broad.

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