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Smart baby stroller

Smart baby stroller product design and development

1. User research

In the process of developing a smart stroller, we first conducted a user survey. By collecting and analyzing the needs and feedback of potential users, we found the following key information:
Users generally hope that the baby stroller has a multi-in-one function, which can meet different use scenarios.
Users have high requirements for portability and ease of use of products.
Product quality and safety are the most concerned factors for users.
According to the results of user research, we position the product advantages as rich features, portable and easy to use, high quality and safety.

2, the highlights of product design

In product design, we pay attention to practicality and innovation, and integrate the three-in-one function of hand pushing out, baby bed and cradle.
Hand push out function: the design of the trolley is ergonomic, the position of the push rod is suitable for adult hand push, easy to fold, easy to carry.
Baby bed function: There is a spacious baby bed inside, which can accommodate babies of different ages. There is a large storage space at the bottom of the bed for mothers to carry baby items.
Cradle function: The cradle is designed to meet the physiological characteristics of the baby and can be easily disassembled and assembled. When outdoors, the cradle can be used as a temporary resting area, providing a quiet and comfortable environment for the baby.
In addition, we also pay attention to the detailed design of the product. For example, the cart shed adopts a double-layer design, the outer layer is wind and rain proof, the inner layer is sun protection, and the visual window is equipped to facilitate the mother to pay attention to the baby's state at any time. The body is made of all aviation aluminum alloy material, which is both beautiful and strong to ensure the safety performance of the product.

3, ergonomics

In product design, we fully consider the application of ergonomics to provide a more comfortable and convenient product experience.
The position design of the hand putter: the position of the hand putter has been tested and adjusted for many times to ensure that the height of the putter is suitable for the pushing and holding habits of various groups of people, and reduce the use burden of the mother.
Folding and storage of carport: The carport adopts convenient folding and storage design, so that the product can be easily put away when it is not needed, and can be quickly deployed when it is needed.
Fuselage material selection: The fuselage made of all aviation aluminum alloy is not only beautiful, but also has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which greatly improves the service life of the product.

4,The whole process of product development

Product development starts from industrial design, through mechanical  design, electronic design, mold development until trial production. The following are the design ideas and implementation methods of each link:

Industrial design: In industrial design, we pay attention to the appearance and structure of products to achieve the high-end sense and practicality of products. At the same time, we ensure durability and ease of use through the use of innovative materials and processes.

Mechanical design: In mechanical structure design, we mainly focus on the stability and durability of the product. The use of aviation aluminum alloy material to ensure the robustness of the product, while the reasonable design of the frame structure also ensures the stability of the product and load-bearing capacity.
Electronic design: In electronic design, we focus on the safety and intelligence of products. Equipped with intelligent sensors and anti-theft alarm system to improve the safety performance of the product. At the same time, we have also added some humanized electronic functions, such as music playback, temperature display, etc., to improve the comfort of the product.
Mold development: In the mold development stage, we pay attention to the details of the control. For each mold manufacturing process, we have carried out strict quality control and schedule management. To ensure the production efficiency and quality stability of products.
Pilot production: In the pilot production stage, we carry out rigorous testing and evaluation of the product. The performance, safety and stability of the product are tested comprehensively by simulating various application scenarios. At the same time, we also collected feedback from some users in order to further optimize the product.

We provide one-stop product development services:industrial design, mechanical design,   rapid prototyping, small batch production,DFM,Mold design and manufacturing, Validation&Certification,  mass production, etc

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