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Project Background:

The Bubble Mart blind box vending machine is an offline retail device launched by POP MART, aimed at meeting the retail market demands brought about by young consumers and positioning itself within the context of future smart new retail.

User Needs:

The POP MART vending machine aims to meet the needs of users, striving to become a warm product that enhances user shopping experience, conveys positivity, and enables everyone to live a happy and fun-filled life.

Design Strategy,

Enhanced Interaction: To achieve an optimized user experience, the Bubble Mart blind box vending machine incorporates AI recognition and multimodal interactive experience design. By integrating visual, voice, and product interaction systems, it seamlessly combines features such as display showcase, storefront promotion, and product dispensing.

User Experience: The goal of the Bubble Mart blind box vending machine is to immerse consumers in a created scenario, no longer facing a cold sales cabinet, but rather experiencing a robot store with simulated human-like perception, thus enhancing the shopping experience. Compared to regular sales cabinets, the Bubble Mart blind box vending machine aims to be an industry pioneer, leading the way forward.

Innovative Solutions:

To overcome the limitations of traditional sales cabinets, the Bubble Mart blind box vending machine proposes Innovative solutions, terms of the picking robotic arm, a design principle of applying appropriate force is employed to achieve flexible picking, allowing for handling of products with different packaging specifications. the picking robotic arm incorporates product location recognition technology, enabling it to level unevenly placed products through AI feedback and execution commands. This innovative design not only ensures neatly arranged blind box merchandise but also provides a more convenient picking process. provide a more comfortable shopping experience, the screen and dispensing outlet of the Bubble Mart blind box vending machine are ergonomically designed. Taking into consideration user habits and bodily perception, the device's screen and dispensing outlet are both designed to be more ergonomic, thus providing a more comfortable shopping experience. 3.great attention is given to the external appearance of the Bubble Mart blind box vending machine. In terms of exterior production, sheet metal materials and processing techniques are utilized to avoid expensive mold development costs and significantly shorten the product development cycle. Through collaborations with renowned designers, the overall machine showcases exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

The design and development case of the Bubble Mart blind box vending machine exemplify POP MART's forward-thinking approach and innovative concept for the future of smart new retail. Through AI recognition and multimodal interactive experience design, enhanced user experience, innovative solutions, and meticulous exterior production, this device greatly elevates the shopping experience and serves as a frontrunner in the industry. By exploring new designs and technologies, POP MART provides users with a better and more effortless shopping method.

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