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We are A 18 Year’s Old Innovative Industrial Design Company And We Are The Largest Design Company In China.We provide one-stop product development services, including industrial design, mechanical design, Electronic Design(Hardware), firmware design, rapid prototyping,small batch production,DFM,Mold design and manufacturing, Validation&Certification,  mass production, etc



The job of our mechanical engineers is to realize the original ID design intent as faithfully as possible, while meeting a host of other requirements. They optimize the design of mechanical parts for robustness and aesthetics whilst ensuring a design that minimizes the cost of the injection molds and the parts themselves.


This mechanical DFM, and the tweaking of the molds, requires a lot of interaction with the mold makers in China. Since our engineers are on the ground and speak Chinese we can achieve results at a high speed. Working side by side with our electronic engineers we can obtain the tight packages needed for portable and wearable electronic products And because DFM also implies optimization for the specific assembly factory we make sure we include their input as well. 

Working with the mold designers our mechanical engineering team makes sure that:

  • the product looks great in all its details
  • plastic parts can be injection molded without problems
  • parts are cost-effective to manufacture
  • parts are strong enough to withstand drop and vibration tests
  • mechanisms such as gearboxes operate smoothly
  • the product achieves the appropriate level of dust and water resistance (IPV)
  • the assembly process at the China factory is fast and monkey proof
  • the product can be easily opened for repair


Our mechanical engineering team has extensive mechatronic experience in designing moving parts for complex mechanisms. We leverage and build on this knowledge to the projects we take on and deliver solutions that drive the overall success of a product.

Product Mechanical Design Service Advantage

Mechanical Product Design

Product Enclosure Design

By performing product enclosure design services, we can design product assembly easy, reliable and low cost for manufacturing.

Mechanical Prototype Design

Component Stacking Design

We are familiar with the specification, quality and cost of market commomly used component. We provide integrated component design solution.

Product Design Mechanical Engineering

Design For Manufacturing Review

At LKKERSCM, we also work closely with clients to improve their mechanical design and push their product to high volume manufacturing.

Product Mechanical Design Rigorous Engineering Process

LKKER SCM will mutually signed NDA with customers to ensure communications and sharing of documents follow confidential obligations stated in NDA. We have our standard NDA template. We can also sign your company NDA template subject to condition.

Step. 1 Analyze the product requirement document (PRD) and technical input data.

Step. 1 Assist customers in confirming the input of standard components;

Step. 2 Assist confirmation of customers’ mechanical layout and component stacking;

Step. 3 Conduct a mechanical design internal kickstart meeting;

Step. 1 Discuss and confirm the mechanical design of each part of the product, product performance, and test requirements;

Step 2. select standard components, and confirm production assembly processes.

Step. 1 The LKKERSCM mechanical designers conducts detailed mechanical design;

Step. 2 An internal mechanical engineer group review of the mechanical design 3d drawings is carried out;

Step. 1 The LKKERSCM R&D supply chain inquires about the quotation for the structural prototype and signs an agreement for making the structural prototype; Check out our rapid prototype service

Step. 2 The LKKERSCM Mechanical Designer outputs the prototype making drawings and The LKKERSCM Project Manager works with customers to supervise the making of the mechanical prototype or components parts;

Step. 1 The LKKERSCM supply chain team sorts out the BOM table and the molding datas for plastic parts. Check out our mold making service.

Step. 1 The LKKERSCM will need a letter of design confirmation paper from you.

Step. 2 LKKERSCM will send all the intellectual property to you after receiving full payment.


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