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AioT Smart Beekeeping Box

Solving Problems For Beekeeping Industry

Traditional beehives are wooden and need to be replaced every one or two years. Traditional bee farming has problems such as high operation costs, low revenue, quality control difficulty, scattered supply chain, and lack of technical support. In order to scale up the beekeeping industry, Small Bee is founded to solve these problems.

The AioT Smart Beekeeping Box Project Story

Small Bee invites LKKER SCM and Alibaba Cloud to join the innovation project of the beekeeping box to explore an AioT smart beekeeping business model and establish a complete digital ecological smart beekeeping system.

LKK has been a long-term partner with Alibaba Cloud. Before the Small Bee AioT smart beekeeping box project, LKK portfolio company Small Design, has already successfully cooperated with Alibaba Cloud to launch World First Artificial Intelligence Logo Design System, which replaces the traditional design model.

LKKER SCM is responsible for redesigning the AioT smart beekeeping box including industrial design as well as mechanical design while Alibaba Cloud contributes to the AioT technology and data management platform of the beekeeping box. The built-in sensors can monitor and record key data including weighing, temperature and humidity, and bee activity, knowing the entry and exit of bees, knowing whether the beehives are full of honey, and finally gathering the data in each production area which is convenient for tracing the origin of honey.

LKKER SCM leads the production of the AioT smart beekeeping box. The first batch quantity is 500 pcs. The beekeeping box was widely placed in Mo Island Beekeeping Farm in Feb 2019, turning the farm into the world's first digital AioT smart beekeeping farm that allows bees to live in fully intelligent beehives.

The AioT Smart Beekeeping Box Value

In 2019, LKKER SCM totally produced 2600 pcs AioT smart beekeeping boxes for Small Bee. Due to the high-efficiency operation of beekeeping boxes, the farm which adopted the AioT smart beekeeping box increased the honey production by 30%~50% compared to that of traditional beekeeping, and the bee breeding rate increased by 30%.

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