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Coca Cola Vending & Recycling Machine

Project background:

"Decide the Future" Coca-Cola Vending & Recycling machine is a concept machine that can be paid with "face brushing". The equipment can automatically classify and recycle beverage bottles invested by consumers, and can cooperate with beverage companies to give reasonable feedback to consumers' resource recycling action, which promotes a virtuous cycle, that is, to reduce environmental pollution to a certain extent. Reduce the waste of resources, but also can cultivate consumers' environmental awareness, reduce the burden of environmental workers, toll station workers, promote the development of social civilization. Not only for the city to provide bright embellishment, but also for the enterprise to provide promotional value.

Product introduction:

The basic function of the product is beverage selling, empty bottle recycling, advertising. The right module of the machine is the waste bottle recycling system. Consumers can put the waste that needs to be recycled into the recycling port, and the machine will automatically recycle it to the recycling box, and give consumers certain points for exchanging gifts. If the recycling is not within the scope, the recycling module can also return the failed bottles to consumers.

Product strategy:

The functional definition, social positioning and value mining of the product are fully considered

Function upgrade:

Including UI design, system and background, APP, product hardware and software design, institutional research and development, appearance and structure design, functional prototype production.


1. Research on product strategies that fit the market, continuous appearance design of Coca-Cola style, barrier-free natural interaction design, research and development design of institutions, hardware and software with optimal implementation methods, and modular structure design.
2. The central touch screen can be used by consumers to purchase drinks, recycle and other operations. At the same time, it can provide payment system and other interactive modes.
3. The left module of the machine functions as a beverage vending machine. Consumers can pay for the selected beverages through the interactive system by scanning codes or binding accounts with facial recognition.

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