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Introduction: LKKER SCM carry out primary review, quality inspection, process review and quality system review on suppliers according to demand for quality and cost. Extract supplier resources from the supplier database in consideration of the project requirements and match suppliers as per supplier’s development capabilities, technical abilities and production capacity to ensure better coordination, reduce manufacturing costs, and accelerate the delivery of new products development from design to implementation.

Service Period: 4 working days

  Work Phase Content Service Content
1 Understanding and analyzing demand Understand and discuss demand (2 to 3 injection molding manufacturers and 2 to 3 PCB board manufacturers)
2 Supplier recommendation Select and recommend suppliers from LKKER supply chain’s resource system.
3 Supplier evaluation LKKER R&D supply chain first discusses the evaluation and provides manufacturers’ information.
4 Supplier inspection LKKER R&D supply chain inspects the sites of the recommended suppliers.
5 Supplier selection and confirmation Provide a cooperation suggestion report and discuss it with Party A for confirmation.


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