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Get DFM Product Review Feedback in 7-10 working days

No matter what your product stage is (suggested below), LKKER SCM will conduct a product review mainly on industrial design and mechanical design for manufacturing feasibility. This is to help you identify problems in design and correct them before mass production implementation.

conceptual product mock-up | sketch 3d renders product review | POC prototype | MVP prototype product review | the final product.

We Build Confidence In Your Design.

LKKER SCM project managers and product engineers, due to their years of product manufacturing experience, can build some of your design for manufacturing work into earlier phases. We provide the next deeper level of product design necessary to make products that can be mass-produced economically. When doing design for manufacturing, there really is no substitute for experience.

Don’t Do It Too Late In The Product Development Process.

To achieve the best design for manufacturing (DFM) purpose, a product review is done ideally after concept development is frozen. Or, do it after several rounds of prototypes have been built, and enough testing has been done. It could be quite costly if the design for manufacturing (DFM) is done after mold making. 

The Key: Industrial Design Review And Mechanical Design Review 

LKKER SCM will utilize technical know-how to review your product design, industrial design, mechanical design, software, and hardware integrations from the perspective of product manufacturing feasibility. The industrial design and mechanical design will highly affect the manufacturing process, how a part should be produced, finish requirements, required tolerancing, and assembly process.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Review List

Step.1 Understand the product concept and interpret the product functions;

Step.2 Adjust the structure based on structural design for optimized production;

Step.3 Formulate certification test standards;

Step.1 Conduct product exterior design review

Step.2 Conduct exterior prototype review

Step.3 Conduct industrial design drawing review

Step.4 Conduct an industrial prototype review

Step.5 Participate in materials selection and review

Step.6 Conduct a process analysis and confirmation for production, manufacturing, and processing

Step.7 Conduct a product quality feasibility study



Design Modifications For Easy and Economical Mass Production

LKKER SCM will work on industrial design and mechanical design improvements. We contribute value in better product quality, lower product cost, shorter product manufacturing time, less operational efforts, fewer technical difficulties, and full supply chain resources optimization. For example, a typical LKKER SCM product review report for a product prototype will include assembly interference analysis, draft, and thickness analysis with design modification suggestions.



Tell us more about your project. Please tell us about your project including material, color, quantity, and surface finishing. Include as much information as you can so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

*We will send you NDA if your inquiries contain any confidential information. You will reach a Thank-you page if you successfully submit the inquiry.

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