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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.

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We Are A 10 Year’s Old Innovative Product Supply Chain Management Company wholly owned by China’s Largest Design Group – LKK Design. Our supply chain solution covers industrial design to production management.

Our Service Capabilities

Mechanical Design

Design according to the product’s internal structure, mechanical functions, software and hardware functions, etc. to ensure that the product can achieve creative, cost-effective, and good human-machine experience on the premise of quantifiable production and functions.

Simulation Analysis

Use CAE software system simulates and calculates various test methods of the product, increases the reliability of the product function, optimizes the product design, and reduces the potential problems found in the product before the manufacture.

Prototype test

After reviewing the appearance process and structure, the production and verification of the appearance prototype and the structural prototype are carried out according to the customer’s requirements, and the possible defects and deficiencies of the designed product are found to ensure the feasibility of the product function.

Mechanical Design Rigorous Engineering Process

LKKER SCM will mutually signed NDA with customers to ensure communications and sharing of documents follow confidential obligations stated in NDA.

Step. 1 Analyze the product requirement document (PRD) and technical input data.

Step. 1 Assist customers in confirming the input of standard components;

Step. 2 Assist confirmation of customers’ mechanical layout;

Step. 3 Conduct a mechanical design internal meeting review;

Step. 1 Discuss and confirm key Mechanical Design Plan and Statement of Work (SOW) , such as the mechanical design of each part of the product, product performance, and test requirements;

Step 2. select standard components, and confirm production assembly processes.

Step. 1 The LKKER mechanical designers conducts detailed mechanical design;

Step. 2 An internal review of the mechanical design 3d drawings is carried out;

Step. 1 The LKKER R&D supply chain inquires about the quotation for the structural prototype and signs an agreement for making the structural prototype;

Step. 2 The LKKER Mechanical Designer outputs the prototype making drawings and The LKKER Project Manager works with customers to supervise the making of the mechanical prototype or components parts;

Step. 1 The LKKER supply chain team sorts out the BOM table and the molding datas for plastic parts.

We Optimized Your Mechanical Design For Cost And Quality By DFM

LKKER mechanical deisngers and engineers, besides excellence in design itself, also has 4 key measurements on mechanical design to ensure the design good for manufacturing

1. Manufacturability - Figure out mechanical design problems based on the projection in the manufacturing process

2. Cost- Achieve a cost-effective product mechanical design

3. Assembly Efficiency And Ease - Optimize mechanical structure design and BOM

4. Testability - Ensure favorable man-machine experience and certifications-oriented

You will have full access and ownership to our DFM report including the following content:

1. Best Parts / Components Solution To Achieve Product Requirment - Mainboard, LED screen etc.

2. Mechanical Design Assessment On The Influence For Mold And Final Product - Mold Design, Mold Making, Product Design, Cost And Efficiency

3. CAD, Pro/E, Solidworks, CATIA, UG Design And Modifications

4. Production Cost Optimization Proposal

5. Mechanical Design Finalize Drawings and Documents

We Make 3D Prototype To Verify Your Mechanical Design.

We have 3d printing machine at our office lab as well as multiple 3d printing machines in our prototyping factories offering multiple 3d printing solutions:

1.Thermoplastic 3D Printing

2. Thermoset 3D Printing

3. Metal 3D Printing

We have multiple 3d printing materials available for our customers to select the best material to print your mechanical prototype.

1. Durable Nylon

2. ABS and ASA

3.ULTEM 9085 and ULTEM 1010

4.Elastomers and Rubber-like Materials

5. Metal 3D Prints

6. Multi-Material Parts

7. Materials for all Applications

We have CNC partnered vendors as well as multiple CNC machines to prototype large and complex mechanical structures:

1. CNC whole vehicle processing and milling machine

2. 3D laser equipment

3. rapid mold equipment

4. CNC modeling equipment

5. laser cutting machine

6. Others

We offer experess shipping worldwide and it takes approximately 7 - 10 working days to arrive at your destinations.

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Tell us more about your project. Please tell us about your project including material, color, quantity, and surface finishing. Include as much information as you can so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

*We will send you NDA if your inquiries contain any confidential information. You will reach a Thank-you page if you successfully submit the inquiry.

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