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Provide the most professional project engineering management solutions in the course of product implementation. Link the manufacturers, suppliers, shipper carrier and consumers in all aspects of project construction and operation. Carry out reasonable control of capital, construction raw materials and logistics by focusing on the enterprise and coordinate the resources of all the vendors to drastically reduce the procurement cost and improve the quality of the project.

Project Period:

Technology implementation management: 2 months; small-batch trial production management: 15-20 days

  Project Management Phase Service Content

Product design development feasibility assessment


A、exterior design review

B、 exterior prototype review

C、 MD structural drawing review

D、MD structural prototype review

E、 participation in material selection and review

F、 process analysis and confirmation for production, manufacturing, and processing

G、quality feasibility analysis


Engineering technology management

(Including mold making)

A.、Carry out project establishment work, break down the work for each factory, and explain various data input;

B、Assess design plans with relevant manufacturers and determine the processing method; clarify each processing process and quality standards, supervise and instruct factories to implement them, and require factories to submit work plans;

C、 Project management for parts production and standard component procurement;

D、 Establish work of mold making, set mold quality standards and package standards, and set the time plans for mold and package production;

E、First mold testing and assembly, first sample review, first sample mold modification datas, mold modification tracking and engineer assistance, tracking and inspection of the mold making process, T1 mold testing tracking and delivery, T1 sample review, TN mold testing tracking and delivery, TN sample review, initial product quality benchmarking, product function test, final pre-production sample making and summary of problems in the process, mold modification tracking and engineer assistance;

3 Small-batch trial production management (100 to 200 sets)

A、A small-batch trial production

B、All problems, their solutions, time arrangements of subsequent implementation, process management, and final verification

C、Making and signing sealed samples for mass production

D、Sealing and confirmation of the complete machine

E、Trial production summary

4 Project closing Make summaries (including engineer and drawing modification summaries).


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