Commonly Used Electronics Component Mounted on Printed Circuit Board

Here are commonly used electronics components mounted on a printed circuit board: 

Stacked boards. The complete product stacking board includes PCB, handset, LCD screen, keyboard, microphone, speaker, camera, motor, battery connector, battery, TF card holder, TF card, SIM card holder, SIM card, antenna, USB connector, Various electronic components, product chips, etc.

Receiver, is a component that processes sound. Its main function is to answer the other party’s voice during a call. The connection between the receiver and the main board is usually shrapnel, spring, or lead welding. There is a layer of foam on the top of the receiver, which is mainly used for sealing. Sound cavity, but also anti-vibration buffer and protection.

LED display.  A flat panel display consists of small LED module panels. LED, light emitting diode (light emitting diode abbreviation). LED displays are generally used to display text, images, videos, video signals, and other information.

Buttons. There are many ways to connect the buttons and the main board. In addition to the B-B connector, the commonly used FPC connection. The buttons cannot be suspended in the air, and there must be a bracket or other flat objects to support them.

Microphone (MIC), also known as microphone, receiver, commonly known as microphone head, which is a component that receives sound. The MIC and the main board are commonly soldered with lead wires. The MIC can be placed on the front or vertically, but do not place it on both sides of the main board, so as not to block the sound hole with your hands. The MIC should be kept away from magnetic electronic components, such as motors, speakers, etc., so as not to affect the effect.

Main PCB. The main PCB is a stacked board around which all electronic components are stacked. 

RF antenna. The RF antenna is an important component for receiving product signals and is connected to the main board through a feed point. The types of RF antennas are often divided into PIFA (picofarad antennas) and MONOPOLE (monopole antennas). It is best to keep the RF antenna away from electronic components with metal such as speakers, motors, and shielding covers. There should be no large-area hardware decoration near the RF antenna, and the shell should not be electroplated with conduction. The antenna shrapnel is in contact with the main board, and the greater the elasticity of the antenna shrapnel, the better (in the theory of electronics, a current flows through a conductor, and a magnetic field will be formed around the conductor; an alternating current passes through the conductor, and an alternating electromagnetic field will be formed around the conductor, called electromagnetic waves. When the frequency of the electromagnetic wave is lower than 100kHz, the electromagnetic wave will be absorbed by the surface and cannot form an effective transmission, but when the frequency of the electromagnetic wave is higher than 100kHz, the electromagnetic wave can propagate in the air and be reflected by the ionosphere at the outer edge of the atmosphere, forming a long-distance transmission capability. High-frequency electromagnetic waves that have the ability to transmit over long distances are called radio frequencies.)

Bluetooth antenna. The Bluetooth antenna is a component used for short-distance wireless transmission (UHF radio waves in the ISM band of 2.4-2.485GHz). The Bluetooth antenna has low requirements and no specific location requirements. It can be placed close to the RF antenna.

Test head. The test head is used when testing the RF antenna and is set near the RF antenna.

The camera is a video input device. Its function in the product is to take pictures and videos. The camera is directly connected to the main board with the B-B connector, or FPC plus B-B connector, FPC direct welding, etc.

Speaker is a component that processes sound, and its main function is sound output. The speaker and the main board are usually connected by wire welding or shrapnel. The shape of the horn is round, oval (also known as runway shape), square, and so on. Generally speaking, the larger the size of the speaker, the louder the sound. There is a layer of foam on the top surface of the speaker, and there must be a supporting part at the bottom of the speaker, and it is best to seal the rear sound cavity.

Speaker bracket. The structure for fixing the speaker is called a speaker bracket, the structure for fixing the antenna is called an antenna bracket, and the speaker bracket and the antenna bracket can share one.

Electric motor. The main function of the motor is to generate vibration. The motor and the main board are usually connected with lead wires or shrapnel. The shape of the motor is rectangular and flat.

Battery connector. The main function of the battery connector is to connect the main board and the battery and solder it on the main board through the patch. Common types of battery connectors are vertical, horizontal, blade, etc.

Battery. The battery is the power source for the main board and provides power to the main board through the battery connector. The size of the battery capacity depends on the capacity of the cell, the larger the cell, the greater the battery capacity. The positive and negative poles of the battery feed point should be consistent with the main board and should be clearly marked on the battery. The battery should reserve a button position on the side with the feed point. In the mechanical design, the button should be used to fix the battery to prevent the battery from powering down. Calculate the maximum battery capacity formula according to the battery shape: (length-3.00) × (width-1.40) × (thickness-0.20) × 0.11 (coefficient). The value obtained by subtracting the above formula is the external dimension of the cell. Major cell manufacturers have standard cell sizes. It is best to use standard size cells when designing.

USB connector. The main function of the USB connector is data input/output, which is the channel between the product and external devices, and there is no requirement for the position on the main board.

TF card and connector. The main function of the TF card connector (TF card holder) is to fix the TF card and read the TF card information. The types of TF card connectors are often flip-up, pop-up, and plug-in.

SIM card and connector is a miniature smart card that conforms to the ISO standard and is an important part of the product communication system. The main function of the SIM card connector (SIM card holder) is to fix the SIM card and read the SIM card information.

Product main board battery. The function of the mainboard battery of the product is the same as that of the CMOS battery on the computer mainboard. When the main board is powered off, it will supply micro-power to the mainboard so as to store the basic information of the product.

DC connector. The DC connector is the charging interface of the product, which is connected to the main board through the shrapnel. The DC connector is not a necessary part, as the USB connector can also charge.

Headphone connector. The headphone connector is an interface for plugging in headphones and is soldered on the main board through a patch. The headphone connector is not necessary, as the USB connector can also plug in headphones.

Touch screen FPC connector. The touch screen FPC connector is used to connect the touch screen, and it is soldered on the main board by SMD.

Shield. The main function of the shield is to shield various electronic components in the main board to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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