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Introduction: Through the creative conception, analyze the design according to the competing products, user preferences and usage scenarios to define the new product design style, with 1500 LKK designers and 35000 LKKER online designers, offering best industrial design based on innovation.

Service Period: 15-20 working days

Output:Product exterior design proposal - PPT format; Exterior design effect sketch of the selected plan - JPG format; Silk screen color design of the selected plan - AI/CDR; Silk screen color design of the selected plan - AI/CDR; Exterior process material descriptions - PPT format; Final 3DID drawing file - PPT format

  Work Phase Content Service Content
1 Design orientation import and hardware plan import
  1. A、Understand the key elements contained in the product orientation to know what ideas the design conveys;
  3. B、Understand the structural hardware configuration and overall dimensions;
  5. C、Understand the functional modules and degree of difficulty for implementation;
2 Product design conceptualization
  1. A、Concept design conception
  3. B、Brainstorming
  5. C、Freehand sketching design
3 Product design visualization
  1. A、analysis of the 2d exterior concept sketch
  3. B、quick presentation of the 2d effect
  5. C、 internal review of the 2d plan;
  7. D、 design detail modification (discuss with structural engineers about the design details of the structural implementability)
4 Product design engineering
  1. A、3d modeling design
  3. B、internal review of the 3d plan
  5. C、model detail modification (optimize the overall shape and specific parts)
  7. D、3d effect sketch documenting
  9. E、detail design of the final effect sketch
5 Industrial design systemization
  1. A、3d proposal
  3. B、3d plan refining
6 Industrial design standardization
  1. A、product silk screen color design;
  3. B、internal review of the product silk screen color design plan;
  5. C、 exterior process documenting;

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On September 20th, the 2018 Beijing International Design Week Design Expo was officially opened at the Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Center, which was co-sponsored by LKK Innovation Group (hereinafter referred to as “LKK”) and LKKER (LKKER) sharing design platform.

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