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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.


We have defined, designed, developed, and produced commercial service robots worldwide for 10 years.


Our Collaborating Customers 


We Help You Define Commercial Service Robot With Different Functions in Various Fields.

We review the customer’s robot product requirements documents (PRD) and product development achievements. Based on our deep expertise and hands-on experience in robotics, we will scope the continuous development process and outline the proposed project proposal as an engagement roadmap.

We Offer Cutting Edge Commercial Service Robot Design Sketches And Animation.

We promote bionic-looking robots. Besides ensuring functions play in the design, select materials suitable for design. The key is that we will incorporate design-for-manufacturing early in this phase and highly take the social and environmental effects of the design into consideration.

We Can Develop Commercial Robots That Provide Intelligent Business Processing, Autonomous Delivery, etc In 10,000 m2 Service Area.

We have a dedicated robot R&D engineering team and able to deliver complex custom software, hardware, world-class mechanical structure, advanced machine learning algorithms for the quick iteration of various kinds of products with artificial intelligence robots development technology including 

We Offer Commercial Service Robot Prototyping And Manufacturing Solution With Cost Advantage.

We have a complete manufacturing chain and collab with suppliers with over 100,000 square meters of technology park to ensure robot mass production. 



Tell us more about your project. Please tell us about your project including material, color, quantity, and surface finishing. Include as much information as you can so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

*We will send you NDA if your inquiries contain any confidential information. You will reach a Thank-you page if you successfully submit the inquiry.

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