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lkkerscm@lkkdesign.com      86-755-83483819

Integrated Product Development Group

  • China National Industrial Design Center (Since 2013)
  • Innovation Oriented As Key Value
  • Supply Chain Network Covers Whole China
  • Trusted by Customers From 10+ Countries

Experienced Project Management Team

  • Min. 10 years Manufacturing Experience Averagely
  • Proven Track Record in 1500+ Products Launch
  • Cumulate 1000+ Electronics Products Development Cases
  • Verified 1000+ Suppliers Legitimacy, Capabilities, And Reputation

Protect Customers’ Technology

  • Internally Restrict Confidential Documents Access 
  • Punish Suppliers For Breach Of Confidential Obligations
  • In-house BOM Procurement Team
  • On-Demand Multiple Assembly Lines To Lower Copy Possibilities

International Design Awards

  • Deliver World-class Design
  • Designed Product Single Order Value Max.400M Euros
  • Average 3+ Design Award Yearly
  • China 1st-Tier Design House

  • Product Review

    Get a DFM product review on industrial design and mechanical design of your conceptual mock-up, sketch 3d renders, prototype, and the final product.

  • Product Design

    Get industrial design improved in CMF design mold design Rhio AutoCAD Creo Design adjustment and finalize product design for manufacturing.

  • Mechanical Design

    Get mechanical design improved in component selection, mold design, Pro/E, Solidworks, CATIA, UG design adjustments, and finalize product design for manufacturing.

  • Electronics Engineering

    Develop product hardware and card software; standardize hardware development processes; control hardware development quality;

  • Rapid Prototype

    Rapid prototype For Consumer Electronics. Get your free, instant quote.

  • Supplier Matching

    Carry out primary review, quality inspection, process review and quality system review for suppliers according to the customer's ...

  • Mold Making

    See how a unified source-to-pay platform can help you navigate a digital-first future. Learn more about SMART by LKK

  • Pilot Production

    Obtain good process control, verify the feasibility of mass production, determine and improve the...

  • Mass Production

    Decompose the product manufacturing sequence according to the process, assign the production tasks for each...

  • Quality Control

    Determine product testing items and prepare product inspection standards based on international standards...

  • Cooperation Partner

    Provide the most professional project engineering management solutions in the course of product implementation...


We collabs with software companies that need hardware applications, and hardware companies that need to turn its idea or design for manufacturing

*We will send you NDA if your inquiries contain any confidential information

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