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OTI Robot

Project Background

Our customer set out to develop a programmable control robot designed for classroom education. The customer has completed its industrial design and needs a development and manufacturing partner to realize product function, qualify the product as childsafe, and produce the product in a short lead time.

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Mechanical Design 

After the customer finishes the industrial design, LKKER SCM takes charge of the mechanical design. One of the design requirements is to make the product drop-proof. Therefore, the casing of the robot shall have a reasonable casing thickness, material choice as well as strong design to avoid deformation. In addition, as the robot is a complex product, production technical difficulty, as well as assembly efficiency, are also critical when carrying out the mechanical design. 

Electronics Engineering And Prototype Verification

The robot needs to carry out various actions per program input. Each program may drive a system motion of the motor, sensors, lights, gyroscope etc. LKKER SCM helps the client select component to match the target cost, carry out schematic design and hardware layout, embedded software development, hardware, and software integration. After experiencing several rounds of prototype verification, the product function is proved to be reliable and moved forward to production.

Tooling & Certification Production & Supply One-stop

The tooling of the robot takes 60 days to deliver a golden sample to our customer for review. As LKKER SCM has carefully looked into the design manufacturability before tooling, the tooling process is fast and smooth.  As a oneStop supplier of the classroom programmable control robot, LKKER SCM works hard to do material sourcing advanced planning in order to shorten lead time and participate in the trial production to find out all production issues to ensure assembly efficiency and final product quality. LKKER SCM helps our client complete 12 certifications in 1 month and keep up with the tight shipping schedule. 

The Result

The product gained positive distribution partner feedback and the pre-sale order unexpectedly increased. LKKER SCM increases production capacity to fulfill customers' increasing orders. Besides, to enrich the product portfolio, LKKER SCM also partners again with the customer to work on several robot accessories projects.

We provide one-stop product development services:industrial design, mechanical design,Electronic Design(Hardware), firmware design,rapid prototyping,small batch production,DFM,Mold design and manufacturing, Validation&Certification,  mass production, etc

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