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The design of the medical equipment has put forward higher requirements regarding process efficiency, information accuracy, and service convenience. A comprehensive automated data analysis and management platform that improves medical service experience and resource utilization through aggregation and integration have also emerged under this demand trend in the experiment laboratory field.

The laboratory of Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI Genomics Co., Ltd) jointly works with LKK Design to launch HALOS - an all-in-one gene data information analysis platform and gene sequencing equipment. The product integrates full automation and multi-function algorithms, effectively saving the testing delivery cycle, a lot of costs, materials, and manpower. The product won the 2022iF Design Award.

Affected by the office environment of the hospital, most of the sequencing tests of patients need to be carried out in other hospitals, and the process is very cumbersome and complicated. At the same time, due to the large number of analysis and calculation peripheral equipment required by the laboratory gene sequencer, the line connection between the various equipment is complicated and messy. The laboratory space is generally tight for hosting all types of equipment.

In order to solve the various problems of the current all-in-one machine, the LKK Design project team has provided a set of overall solutions for the hospital testing environment after sorting out the relationship between the various equipment and having in-depth interviews with experimental researchers and equipment maintenance personnel. The design effectively realizes the effective use of laboratory space, and at the same time, through a series of appearance optimization designs, it shows the aesthetic pursuit of BGI in the field of gene sequencing.

In terms of equipment space optimization, different from the gene sequencing equipment on the market, the all-in-one HALOS can be customized and assembled according to the hospital's requirements for data storage or computing performance. Front-end computers and servers can be flexibly combined or split to adapt to various environmental needs and greatly improve the utilization of laboratory space.

For large products, excellent design can often endow products with strong vitality and expressiveness. In addition to optimizing the functional layout of the product, LKK Design also strives to conform to the brand design language of BGI at the visual level. The design team hopes to create a comfortable, convenient, safe intelligent working method for experimental researchers through a simple and natural design language.

In terms of appearance, the LKK design team integrated the product design with the concept of modularization, and redefines the compatibility of basic elements such as product placement and size according to the limitations of different experimental spaces, and strives to achieve the optimal size. Make the product more smooth and comfortable in the overall look and feel.

The overall shape adopts a streamlined design, which is expressed in a stable, balanced, and soft design, which weakens the cold feeling commonly present in medical equipment, and realizes the visual effect of the integration of the screen, the operating table, and the fuselage, which is effectively different from the appearance of other gene sequencing equipments on the market.

HALOS, the all-in-one gene data information analysis platform, and gene sequencing equipment is mainly used in experiment laboratories. It is equipped with fully independent research and development of core analysis algorithm and can be automated sequencing data for clinical test sample analysis, annotation, and interpretation, at the same time to provide professional services to artificial data interpretation, enhance the report accuracy, shorten patients genetic testing cycle. The reasonable function layout of the All-in-one HALOS gene data analysis platform can effectively reduce the enterprise cost in the later production and operation. It also outstands for its combination of human thinking design and flexible design language appearance. 

As the designer of the HALOS, the all-in-one gene data information analysis platform, LKK Design provides product planning, industrial design, and mechanical design service for our client - BGI. 

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