How to control the cost when designing the product structure or mechanism?

Cost is the core part of a product. The level of cost d …

Cost is the core part of a product. The level of cost determines the company’s profit to a large extent. Cost control starts from the beginning of product design.

1. When selecting materials, on the premise of satisfying the function, try to use materials with low prices

2. When modeling the product shape, on the premise of satisfying the appearance, try to reduce the number of parts as much as possible

3. When designing the product structure, try to simplify the mold to save the cost of the mold

4. When designing the product structure, select the appropriate fixing method to save the cost of production and assembly

5. When surface treatment of products, according to product positioning and appearance requirements, adopt appropriate surface treatment methods to save processing costs

6. In the selection of suppliers, choose manufacturers with strong technical expertise, good communication and cooperation, and the best price. The supplier’s strong technical expertise can avoid the repeated modification and waste of time caused by errors in the production of parts, and the Communication and cooperation are easy to communicate and facilitate the work, which can also save costs.

7. Effectively control the development progress of new products, shorten the project time as much as possible, save time and save production cost. If the project time is prolonged, it will not only delay the delivery time but also compensate for liquidated damages, which are not worth the loss.

8. When designing the product structure, if the company has stock materials, the stock materials should be selected as much as possible. The stock materials are left over from the company’s previous production. If they are not used, it will cause waste. Reus ing These inventory items for production is also a way to reduce costs.

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