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We will support you from the concept idea to volume production. For a turnkey project, we manage all the product design and development processes: design, development, testing, production, quality control, assembling, and shipping.

Our Turnkey Design Services Capabilities

Design & Development

LKKER SCM design team will work with you to define an effective design direction. LKKER SCM design team not only takes care of how the product looks and uses but also provides the technical and mechanical points of view at the early design stage. Advanced product quality planning is executed to increase quality and generate added value.

Testing & Validation

LKKER SCM engineer team will build prototypes to validate the design and the technology. We will look into the product assembly’s ease and cost to make it validated for volume production. We will go together with you to the production phase and all CAD files for production will be transparent and owned to you.

Tooling & Manufacturing

LKKER SCM supply chain team will help you start the first batch production. We test the product by pilot production and will assist you with the market launch plan. We will make all necessary corrections and optimization to achieve the best cost, and quality results and assist you with the plan of shipping. Our turnkey manufacturing service includes packaging, quality control, and shipping. 


LKKER SCM Turnkey Design Projects

Turnkey Product Design Services

Design & Development

Product definition, product design research, industrial design, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, mechanism study, mechanical design, plastic / metal enclosure design, assembly design, electronics engineering, hardware stacking, schematic design, embedded software design, firmware integration, user experience design, design for manufacturing (DFM), design for assembly (DFA)

turnkey design services

Testing & Validation

Several arounds of prototypes build for design and function verification, draft test plan, conduct lab test, conduct user environment tests, pilot mold validation, draft certification plan, conduct pre-certification test, CE, FCC, ROHS, etc certification

product design development

Tooling & Manufacturing

Tooling design, mold flow analysis, tooling production, tooling adjustment, pilot production, volume production, SOP, quality control, assembly, packaging, shipping


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