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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.


Factory Alliance

Hardware Factory

Hardware products play an irreplaceable role in a product. Choosing good hardware accessories can make many structural parts safer and more convenient to use.

Molding Factory

Choose a suitable high-quality molding factory, standardized management, thorough process, strong sense of service, guaranteed quality and service. We can guarantee the delivery time for customers, guarantee product quality, enjoy all-round cost advantage and extra services.

Prototyping Factory

Skilled engineers and technicians ensure accurate and consistent drawings, strict control of the whole process, short production cycle, and guaranteed excellent quality of prototype.

Mounting Factory

A quality mounting factory has an experienced process development and production team and an international standardized management system to ensure that the manufactured PCBA products meet excellent quality standards and customer’s plan.

Testing laboratory

Provide customers with high-quality laboratory certification and consulting guidance, providing comprehensive quality testing services and solutions.

Packaging & Printing Plant

professional printing talents with rich experience in printing and packaging, and a complete set of printing equipment to ensure that the printing achieves color precision and effectively improve production efficiency.

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