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Flying cars
On December 7th, invited by Wang Tan, Vice president of XPENG AEROHT, I had the honor to visit the famous Guangdong Huitian Aerospace Technology Co., LTD., namely XPENG AEROHT. The company is an ecological enterprise of XPENG CAR, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of aviation technology and intelligent driving.XPENG AEROHT, formerly known as Dongguan Hutian Technology Co., LTD., was founded by Mr. Zhao Deli in 2013. After nearly ten years of development, in 2020, He Xiaopeng, chairman of XPENG CAR, and XPENG CAR jointly invested and held shares to establish Guangdong Hutian Aerospace Technology Co., LTD., becoming one of XPENG CAR ecological enterprises. Today, XPENG AEROHT's research and development center and flight test base are located in Guangzhou, and flying car foresight laboratories have been set up in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places.

During the tour, we first came to the exhibition hall of XPENG AEROHT. Details of products such as the XPENG X2, X1 and T1 are shown here. The XPENG X2 is a disruptive flying car capable of autonomous flight and intelligent driving in the air. The X1 and T1 are prototypes and test prototypes for flying cars.
Later, we watched the air show on the spot. Flying in the blue sky and white clouds, the aircraft is like an eagle striking the sky, showing the charm of aviation technology. The engineers at the site introduced the design concept and production process of the aircraft to us, so that we are full of expectations for the future of flying cars.

Finally, we came to the ground simulation test area of XPENG AEROHT. Various tests carried out during the development of the flying car are shown here, including wind tunnel tests, dynamics tests, etc. Through these tests, engineers can evaluate the performance and safety of flying cars, providing a strong guarantee for future product development.

After the visit, we appreciated XPENG AEROHT's working environment and research and development results. We believe that with the continuous development and breakthrough of XPENG AEROHT, the flying car of the future will bring more convenience and surprises to our lives.
This visit made us deeply feel the charm of aviation technology and intelligent driving. XPENG AEROHT, as a company focused on aviation technology and intelligent driving research and development and manufacturing, its products are not only disruptive, but also lead the development of future technology. We look forward to seeing more innovations and breakthroughs from XPENG AEROHT in the future."           

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