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Project Background

In order to improve the efficiency and ensure the safety of the delivery man, MEITUAN and LKKER SCM have jointly created a multi-functional portable Bluetooth Earphone, which uses multi-grain nose reduction technology to block noise interference. The compatible helmet is specially designed for the work scene, allowing the delivery man to take orders during the delivery process, without affecting driving safety, and the outdoor performance and battery life exceed the same type of consumer electronics.

Product Description

The Bluetooth Earphone is designed according to the helmet, which is perfectly combined with it to achieve a dual-purpose generalization function. The connection between the Bluetooth Earphone and the MEITUAN APP, combined with the voice wake-up function, realizes the hands-free, voice control APP backend, A wearable smart device that intelligently queries orders and take orders via voice control, making the delivery man more free and comfortable under the safety guarantee.

The earphone design considers the work scene during the delivery, and does not take into account the in-ear type and the external type. In summer, the helmet uses a semi-in-ear design, and in winter, the helmet uses a speaker that allow to use the base for connection conversion.



A:  A semi-in-ear design for summer time

B: Set base on helmet, a speaker on the base and only need to tap on it for connection – for winter time.

The overall design of the earphone adopts streamlined design, and the original streamlined contour is carved. The earphone adopts environmentally friendly silicone cap, which is very comfortable to fit, effectively reducing the painful feeling of wearing for a long time, easy to operate with one button controlling, simple operation, and one button answer function.

SCM Project highlights and solutions

1.Industry and Mechanical Design Part

In terms of appearance, the noise reduction structure is designed to effectively filter the background sound, enhance the double wheat tuyere, and ensure the speech intelligibility. The color matching adopts the exclusive yellow + metal black material of the MEITUAN, and the shape is simple and comfortable, achieving the integrated design of human-machine function.


Using CSR3024 low-power chip, it supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the connection is relatively stable and reliable, the effective connection distance can reach more than 10 meters, and the signal transmission is stable. Connected to the Bluetooth once, it will automatically connect back when it is turned on, no need to repeat the operation, it can be used with high practicability.

3.Lighting design

The front of the earphone is equipped with a red and blue power indicator to conveniently check the remaining capacity of the charging box. The low battery status will be voiced and charged, which makes it easy to know how to charge in time.


Inside the compact heart, built-in 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery 100mAh, energy saving and long-lasting battery life. Lasting time is more than 10 hours.


Built-in high-definition microphone Supports double-wool call noise reduction, which can reduce the interference of noise during fast cycling, and achieve high-quality call.


IPX7 waterproof, daily sweat and light rain, splashing water is available as always. In some emergency situations, the accidents happen in the earphone can be greatly reduced.

7.Intelligent voice

User-friendly Chinese voice reminder function, master the earphone status, switch the machine to complete pairing, low power and other humanized voice reminder function, the connection is convenient.

SCM Values/ Market Feedback and Results.

Nowadays, the number of takeaway orders for MEITUAN daily has exceeded 24 million, and the number of active delivery man exceeds 600,000, making it the world's largest instant delivery platform. MEITUAN Bluetooth earphone is equipped with a full set of intelligent system, which enables the delivery man to complete the operation of receiving the order, taking the meal report, making the call, delivering the report, change the order, etc., to achieve a safe and comprehensive escort. During the whole process of delivery, they simplifies nearly 80% of the operation of the mobile phone, and the order is increased by 50% after the order is dispatched.

Artificial intelligence is not a cold concept, artificial intelligence should serve life, and LKKER SCM team has always been committed to creating products that change people's lifestyles and make the world a better place.

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