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On July 4th, Baidu officially announced a partnership with LKKER, a domestic innovation design group, to provide end-to-end screen solutions for DuerOS. LKKER will join hands with Baidu to build an AI innovation value ecosystem that combines DuerOS and experience design.

As the leading shared design platform dedicated to product innovation in China, LKKER brings together excellent designers and mass of users for Co-Innovation and serves enterprises and makers with product innovation design service. It has built a value platform covering the entire process of innovation to provide systematic solutions (from R&D supply chain, investment, to incubation and marketing) concentrated on the creation of innovative products for enterprises through the construction of innovation ecosystem.

According to Li Fancong, General Manager of LKK's AI Group, LKKER has served Baidu, Tencent, Jingdong and other platforms in the field of artificial intelligence since 2006, and has accumulated experience in the launch of 200+ artificial intelligence products, many of which are best sellers. LKKER enjoys access to 80%+ resources in the AI industry.

Based on its rich experience of brand cooperation in healthcare, travel, home furnishings or furniture, and pension, LKKER develops a deep understanding and reflection on the commercialization of AI technology. Li Fancong said that many AI products on the market are technology-driven and most of them are functional products rather than user products. Through this partnership with Baidu Duer, LKKER wishes to build a benchmarking product and a best seller for the AI industry to enable technology to serve users and realize the commercialization of AI technology.

At the conference, Jing Kun, General Manager of LKK's Smart Living Group (SLG), said that Baidu DuerOS has sought out partnership with LKKER in order to solve the problem of the absence of hardware and appearance design team of the partner and reduce the threshold of the development of AI equipment. As the best design platform in the industry and the most awarded innovation design group in China, LKKER is capable of providing DuerOS with total solutions covering appearance design, mechanical design, supply chain and even marketing.

The cooperation between LKKER and Baidu demonstrates their dedication to the development of Conversational AIOS-based innovative application. The combination of the solid strength of Baidu and the innovation design capability of LKKER will surely contribute to the empowered ecosystem of innovation design and AI technology.

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