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2018年iF设计奖揭晓,洛可可一举斩获12项iF!!!The iF Design Award is known as the "The Oscars of Design", It's renowned for its "independent, rigorous and reliable" appraisal concept. On January 30th, the winners of the 65th iF Design Award were announced.LKK, supplemented by its "innovation design capability", became the big winner of 12 iF awards. It empowers the rise of "Design in China" by bring together the imagination and innovation design capability of creators.

V1 Lithium-ion Battery-driven Folding Bicycle


By the use of 3D one-piece frame and front fork, V1 becomes the first bicycle with new design framework adopting invisible welding bead, invisible screws and invisible folder. It satisfies the imagination of future travel.

LKK's designers recreate every detail from the user's point of view and maintain a unified design language throughout. The ergonomically designed frame angle, the comfortable handle designed for long cycling, the brake handle more in line with electric vehicle braking torque, simple and convenient foldable structure, highly integrated battery bracket structure, and the well-designed lighting system for night riding, demonstrate that every detail has been verified and modified repeatedly to achieve higher standards.

Brand Image Design for Segway


As the leader in balance bike and a world-class brand for private transportation and innovative lifestyles, Segway has influenced many people. LKK's designers helped Segway enhance the recognition of the brand name and endow the brand with new energy by optimizing the brand visual identity. In the context of consumption upgrading, the design gives Segway a new mission of “opening human life to infinite possibilities”.

HiAR Glasses


The core design concept of the product comes from “lightweight AR glasses that are comfortable to wear”. LKK's design team has established the design principle of more compact and easily wearable glasses at the early stage, which is embodied in the foldable arms and the elastic clip design. A perfect pair of HiAR glasses that can be worn at any time to access the AR world comes into being.

LKK's design team also made breakthroughs in tackling the shortcomings and limitations in modeling. The restrained and gentle frame outline & CMF scheme is the core of the design. The slightly expanded Flowing Flex integrates the design of the shading lens, the casing and the power unit into a unified and flexible whole, making HiAR Glasses stand out from the rigid and simple consumer electronics design of the same period.

Illusion - Small-spacing LED Display


Illusion - small-spacing LED display is an innovative product that replaces Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and Multi-projector Display (DLP) and is capable of providing customers with higher quality display and playback services such as information dissemination, branding and advertising effects. In view of the cumbersome operation and the complicated installation and display of the LED display, LKK successfully develops the world's first high-precision LED display that can be installed bare-handed by one person in 2 steps and 4 seconds through subversive design. The case body is connected with multi-functional quick lock that allows installation by one person without tools. The wire-free connection and one-piece design allows separate and convenient maintenance after powered off. The anti-collision boss design at the sides of the case body protects the module during assembly, handling and placement.

MV-Micro-spaced Arc-shaped Rental Display


The MV-micro-spaced arc-shaped rental display solves the problem of micro-spaced display not being able to be arc-shaped for the first time and allows more diversified usage occasions. It also settles the cumbersome operation process of the LED arc-shaped display, enables accurate operation and installation from "locating to lock" by one person and improves the user's operating experience as a whole. It breaks the technical bottleneck of the micro-spaced arc-shaped display. The product is featured by micro-spaced arc-shaped display, thumb-level accurate operation, quick LED front maintenance, and innovative memory screen connection.

X-PLUS Rental LED Stage


LKK's design team breaks the rigid image of traditional LED display as an industrial equipment and makes bold combination of industry and art, giving the product streamlined dynamics. The innovative arc-shaped lock design allows connection in 2 steps. The original power box maintenance enables maintenance within 5 seconds. Under the "intelligent" design concept, the product promotes the development of LED industry with professional and practical functions and excellent visual appeal.

Storion SMILE 5


The household energy storage system Storion SMILE 5 breaks the traditional rigid design and presents a modern simplicity. It not only provides electricity for household consumption, but also ensures proper functioning and continuous power supply in emergencies such as power outages with its integrated UPS system. It truly enables a 24-hour uninterrupted power supply and provides ready-to-use clean energy to advocate a low-carbon sustainable lifestyle.



The product adheres to the high-end quality and green concept and is made of 304 stainless steel with an exquisite and textured look. The uniqueness lies in the leather handle, which is both functional and highlighting texture.



The elegant and slim line design highlights its distinction. What you choose is a cup. But in the eyes of others, it is your taste.




It is a iterative product of the classic 55° cooling cups. It is featured by a smaller and more portable body, and more eye-catching color. Like Mini Cooper, 55°Koola is to make the world more beautiful with compactness.

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