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LKKER SCM is not affected by COVID lockdown restrictions.


LKKER SCM offers supplier management services to help you overcome product quality issues and project over-runs. Become your local supply chain partner and make sure your production runs smoothly and as expected.


Who needs supplier management service?

If you need a team on the ground you can rely on, or simply you would love to get rid of supply chain hustles in China, or you haven’t got the opportunity to set up your China office due to travel or financial restrictions in the short-run, LKKER SCM helps you with the supplier management to get project completion faster at the expected quality and cost.

What is performed in supplier management service?

LKKER SCM will set up a plan that addresses your objectives and considers the realities of your supply chain. We listen to your needs and assign a project manager with a relevant background and a strong team with sourcing and quality control roles to support the supplier management tasks. We speak Chinese to suppliers and English to you. We go to the factory on behalf of you when needed.

How are supplier management updates reported?

We can form a group chat using communication tools (Wechat, QQ, etc.) in order to exchange information in time. The project manager will frequently contact you and update you all along (as your single point of contact).


“LKKERSCM supplier management services help our clients manage their supplier risks in the various stages.”

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Sustainable Supplier Improvement with LKKER SCM Supplier Development Team

LKKER SCM supply chain team consists of a diversified mix of certified quality control engineers, quality assurance engineers, supplier auditors, production supervisors,s and PMC engineers who are product domain experts and supply chain experienced players.

LKKER SCM is ready to deploy a suitable project team to support your effort in:

Developing suitable suppliers and diversifying the supply chain
Defining production plan
Following up with production progress and quality
Resolving supply chain issues and validating order delivery
Annual supplier audits and monitoring supplier risks

All supplier management projects aim to achieve long-term and sustainable improvement.

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LKKER SCM’s Core Value Proposition

Supplier audits, compliance assessments, process audits, and product inspections are all detection methods for LKKER SCM to identify risks and issues at the factory. The supplier management services provided by LKKER SCM aim to help our client manage their supplier risk and reduce their cost of poor product quality, resulting in cost reductions and sustainable supplier competency improvements. This ultimately translates into an improved profit margin and enhanced brand reputation. 

Supplier Management Services


LKKER SCM has been providing quality assurance, design, engineering, and manufacturing services since 2012.

Supplier Chain Management

Timely Feedback

LKKER SCM offers online reporting and detailed reports within 24 hours of job completion.

It Supplier Management

Quality Experts

LKKER SCM engineering team has the requisite industry expertise to verify supplier quality and conformance.


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