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As a subsidiary of LKK Innovation Group, ShenZhen LKKER SCM Co., Ltd is founded in 2004. LKKER SCM is an one-stop product service platform, offering product design, hardware & software development, prototyping, molding, production, packaging and transportation, marketing, sales channels and supply chain finance. Driven by building the world’s largest ecosystem of innovative products, LKKER SCM is providing complete supply chain services centered on creating good products, implementing innovative ideas. LKKER SCM is specialized in five product fields, intelligent hardware, medical health, new retail, new entertainment and household appliances. By integrating product flow, information flow and capital flow, LKKER SCM ensures you high product quality, short delivery cycle, optimal cost control, available production funds and suitable sales channels.



To build a socialized product innovation platform by connecting users, designers, suppliers and create good products together



Create Good Products



Innovation-oriented, Supremacy Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Create and Share




Our Advantages

  • Free docking with suppliers

    With 5000+ suppliers from various industries, all its plant has been strictly checked and ranked. LKKER SCM can quickly match the right quality supplier for you effectively.

  • Production quality assurance

    100 professional senior engineers; the number of defective products is controlled below 500-1000PPM; cut costs by 20% on average; 95%+ completion rate.

  • Implantation guarantee

    With 13 years of industrial design and supply chain management experience, we guarantee the production and implementation of design. Our risk control measures ensure products align with original design.

  • Channel integration

    In partnerships with major cross-border e-commerce and oversea supermarkets, We have the ability to open up sales channels for product.


As the founder of LKKER SCM, James has over 35 years rich experiences in engineering, manufacturing and factory management, he is responsible for building a product ecosystem to optimize domestic and international products supply chain management, providing enterprises and startups with one-stop solutions from product development to manufacturing through integration of internal and external resources. James has been doing project with ABB, DELL, BOSCH, HUAWEI etc, created over 200 successful products in the market. James realized that how important for enterprises to control the supply chain efficently, which encouraged him to shift business from manufacturing to supply chain management.

James Deng

Founder of LKKER SCM

Selena has extensive experiences in the 3C industry and intelligent hardwares with a wide range of resources and insights. Design and high tech are part of her hobbies, which drive Selena to devote to product development after graduation. After knowing the rough time that startups has been experiencing, Selena decided to build a ecosystem for them from investment connection, product development to markting, not only offering services for fortune 500 companies. Selena believe in making all creative idea come to the market by professional product solutions and scientific supply chain management.

Selena Hu


With over 17 years of experience in the product design and manufacturing industry, Stanley has rich experience in mechanical design, electronic development, molding, new product development and project management. He is particularly good at optimizing mechanic during new product development and predicting and controlling risks to ensure project quality and delivery. Stanley is addicted to new tech research and new material application. He is sharing his experiences to more and more companies to help others to build own hardware efficiently and cost-effective.

Stanley Zou

Product Director of LKKER SCM Oversea

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