What are the tips or rules for product mechanical design?

In product mechanical design, there are still many expe …

In product mechanical design, there are still many experiences and methods, which are summed up by LKKERSCM mechanical designers and mechanical engineers. These experiences and skills cannot be learned in books. In this blog we disclose the tips or rules for product mechanical design.

About the selection of materials to be considered:

1. The use environment of plastic products, such as temperature resistance, cold resistance, food hygiene, wear resistance, etc.;

2. The physical and mechanical properties of plastics, such as strength, rigidity, toughness, elasticity, water absorption, and sensitivity to stress;

3. Plastic molding process, such as fluidity, crystallization rate, sensitivity to molding temperature, pressure, etc.;

4. The shrinkage and deformation of plastic products after molding.

About product shape

It can meet the use requirements, which can adapt to efficient cooling and hardening (thermoplastic products) or rapid heat curing (thermosetting plastic products).

About mold making

Its overall structure should be considered, and the requirements of simplifying the mold should be achieved as far as possible, especially the complexity of core pulling and ejecting products. At the same time, the shape of the mold parts and their manufacturing process should be fully considered in order to make the product more economical.

About cost

It is necessary to consider the raw material price, injection capacity, service life, and replacement period of injection products to reduce costs as much as possible.

In addition, during the mechanical design, we also need to consider the thickness of plastic parts, stiffener design, boss shape and size, rounded corner design, and Screw design.

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