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3D Printing Rapid Prototyping

3D printing (additive manufacturing) rapid prototyping service encompasses different 3D printing technologies:

3D printing rapid prototyping services are ideal for 3D printed plastics and metals, with extensive material and finishing options available. These additive manufacturing technologies can also sometimes be used for production.

Because 3D printing doesn’t require tooling, prototyping of 3D printed parts takes only a short time, without sacrificing build quality. Other advantages include geometrical freedom and affordability, especially in low volumes.

3D printing is often preferred for concept models, but precision technologies SLM can also work for functional prototypes and even production parts.

Here’s terms in 3D printing: 

  • FDM

     — Low-cost plastic parts prototyping

  • SLA

     — Plastic parts prototyping with exceptional surface finish

  • SLS

     — Strong prototyping parts in nylon or nylon glass

  • SLM

     — Metal parts prototyping in steel or titanium


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