What mechanical design service a design company can provide?

With the development of the product design industry, th …

With the development of the product design industry, the demand for mechanical design is also increasing, so in this blog, we will disclose to you what mechanical design service a design company can provide.

1. Learn about product positioning 

The design company is involved in many fields such as consumer electronics, handheld terminals, home appliances, and medical equipment, and can provide in-place services to various types of customers. First of all, we will collect information on the design concept provided by the customer. After carefully understanding the customer’s design intention, style, and requirements, we will have a comprehensive understanding of the entire mechanical design.

2. Conduct Market Research

The company will conduct market research, the main purpose of which is to let customers understand the needs and ideas of users, so as to improve the design concept and use this as the basic information for mechanical design.

3. Start Mechanical Design

During the mechanical design, through multiple analysis processes such as disassembly analysis and process analysis, the mechanical design is initially completed. On this basis, several mechanical modifications will be carried out to achieve customer satisfaction standards. It is worth knowing that mechanical design has made breakthroughs in many technical aspects, such as waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof, as well as automation, which can meet the various personalized needs of customers.

In addition to the mechanical design process, what skills do mechanical designers need to master?

1. Constantly disassembling

When the product mechanical designer gets a product appearance, how to carry out mechanical design? That is the constant disassembly installation. The industrial product mechanical designer should be very familiar with the performance, characteristics, and assembly of the product itself, disassemble the product in your hands, and install it again. But to restore it to exactly the same as it was before you took it apart. If you can’t guarantee this, you can take a photo of each step before disassembling the product. Knowing the product attributes, the mechanical designer should start the mechanical design.

2. Clear about every part

Every product part has its color and craftsmanship. The mechanical designer needs to understand the properties of parts. For example, know what is a plastic part, what is a PET mask, and what is an acrylic mask. To understand these names, be familiar with related materials, molds, and surface treatment processes;

3. Solid knowledge of mechanical design

Proficiency in product assembly design skills; that is, assembly-oriented design; commonly used assembly design guidelines include reducing the number of parts, simplifying product structure, standardizing parts, modularizing products, designing stable bases, designing guiding features, and positioning parts first and then specific, error-proof design, ergonomic design, etc. Master the knowledge of tolerance analysis, and be able to use tolerance analysis to optimize product design quality and solve specific problems encountered in product development;

The mechanical designer at LKKER SCM will

1. Participate in the the feasibility study of product, and participate in the product turnkey design.

2. Formulate mechanical design plans and project plans, research and develop new mechanical design and new technologies, and improve product performance and quality;

Mechanical designers need to work for a long time to expand their knowledge and accumulate experience to be able to make good products. In the process of learning and dismantling, they must learn to think and learn Learn the excellent mechanical design of others, and understand why others design it this way? If you understand it, you can design it yourself. If you don’t understand the product design, there are a lot of design problems.

A good mechanical design product requires not only the shape of a good design concept but also the support of design skillset and technology. LKKER SCM Mechanical Design Service can provide customers with professional services from all aspects and help customers transform concepts into products. 

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